Blog Table of contents

In which I write aboot :

(Chronologically arranged within each category. (latest first))

A. Reviews of Indian films & English films made by Indians

B. Collections of links with music/ movies in them (mostly from youtube)

(some of these links have gone bad (as Youtube links do from time to time) Please notify me at if you find bad links, I’ll do my best to update them/ upload vids if i can.)

C. Art , opera, Ballet events,International film and Musicals

D.Talking about Indian films and me

E. Politics and business

  • Bush Invited to Join the Axis of evil In the spirit of art Buchwald
  • Those who don’t remember history Chis Mattews Vs Talk radio host
  • Songs of the C Caroline snaps a monk beater in Katmandu.
  • F. American media and films and other discussions


    H. Online movies


    3 Responses to Blog Table of contents

    1. enlibrege says:

      Awesome, I didn’t heard about this topic up to the present. Thankz!

    2. mainlerne says:

      Great affair, I didn’t thought reading it would be so cool when I read the title with link.

    3. Good links collection. May be I’ll be back again when I need it. Thank you…

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