My Words (Quickly find my most recent writings)

Quickly find my most recent writings

The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Nair 2012-3)

The Company You keep: Sundance, Kid. (Redford 2013)

On why Paradesi (Bala 2013) isn’t winning awards..A master class.

Bala’s Paradesi(2012-13) : an Oppari : Relentless exploitation.


Kadal: an alternate reading

Kadal Review: Mani Shot

Django Unchained: (2012 Tarantino) All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Shine on you crazy diamond (finance)

Lagaan and the Austrian school of economics

Dear Asseem Chabbra or why people should give adaminte makan abu a chance

Fox news Assholes

Midnight in paris (Allen 2011)

Tree of Life (Malick 2011)

Editorial: Get the hell out of dodge (politics)

The Conspirator  : Redefining Important(redford 2010)

Meditations on Gandhi’s Body (politics)

Bollywood blogs Top 5 for the Bollywood savvy


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