Ramesh kindle Etext Library

First, Tips for the barbarian: How to ransack an etext/ebook library:1. Use a webcrawler software. I prefer Webreaper.2. Download All available files to hard drive.3. Take the time to a, Catalogue them , and rename them,if HTML files, Open them, resave them as complete HTML files (Amazon’s Kindle support cannot handle HTML files with external object. Be selective. This only works for archives where a html page has weblinks to txt or pdf(or HTML) files. It works poorly with links that require you to go into a webpage and do stuff for a download.
For the record, I believe, Like everyone else, that if there is no other way, it is good honorable and decent to pay for everything.
The following links will be added to as I find content. please visit often.

The Archives


film studies and film ebooks

Planet freebook.com :Your Choice of Free Ebook
Download, Magazine, Newspaper, Comic, Free Trade Magazine, Business White
Paper, News & B2B Book

The Carnatic music text audio and meaning database

Amazon kindle’s free etext page.

tag’s site (incl the twilight saga)


the link library of the guy that runs the kindle social network

43 pages – link resource- like mine

Planet PDF

Other featured

Movie Screenplays

Baen- free science fiction books


Feedbooks library

Wing Tsun Kuen

Project Guttenberg

fullbooks TXT files.


Google desktop widgets for new ebook feeds

Epic poetry etextsHypereros

in which,

Urdu poetry (in language)

The upenn archives’ suggestion for free ebooks.

OCW browse or find free university courseware.

Directory of open access Journals. Free scientific/ other journals on the web

EBookshare Current Journals (quite illegal rapidshare site)

Free Ebooklist 1

Free Ebooklist 2


Burgomeister – you can only pic five from his very good collection, tho.

Escholarship Editions

National Academies Press

Duke University E book Links

Ebooks on foreign exchange trading

Freebookspot Color ebooks and plenty of pics..

Computer programming ebooks

Free tech books : Wider option of subjects

Manybooks Can download your free book in any format of your choice.

Honglist is the coolest collection of tech/pic ebooks I could find..

Digital Book Index The biggest collection of ebook portals. (Login required for some features)

E books and magazines

Religoin, Philosophy and Language texts in the subjects..

Stillwater Calvinist texts

Ebooks form the divine life society (like the vedanta society only orange-r)

Internet Sacred text archive

The Gottingen register of etexts in Indian Languages

Virtual indic etexts archive

Theravada (buddhist) texts archive

Sanskrit language Dwaita philosophy etexts

Project Madurai Tamil etexts.


12 Responses to Ramesh kindle Etext Library

  1. Leigh Hanlon says:

    Thanks for providing these links!

  2. rameshram says:

    ur welcome. make good use and pl tip me here if you find text libraries / useful links.

  3. Delena Lander says:

    Hi there I like your post

  4. q says:

    this is nice. i might have to get a kindle soon. but then i will stop giving money to my neighborhood bookstore. there are very few left as of now but i live near one that is very nice.

  5. sac says:

    What a juicy collection of links. Thanks!

    Here are two sites with large collections of freely available etexts in Japanese:

    The Japanese Text Initiative of the University of Virginia Library http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/japanese/texts/index.html

    The Aozora Bunk (“Open-air Library”), something of a Japanese analog of Project Gutenberg
    (The site is in Japanese only, but Wikipedia has info about the project in English: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aozora_Bunko .)

  6. Nirmala says:

    Here is another site with free ebooks by nondual spiritual teacher, Nirmala, and his wife, Gina Lake to help you awaken, open your heart, and live more fully in the now:

    free spiritual ebooks

    The site also offers an ebook of free spiritual poetry:

    spiritual poetry

  7. Sagar!ka says:

    Ah, kindal-aa? Two tips for “Conan the Barbarian”: crawl & reap! Kainats ku kooda puriyaraa maari thelivaa thathuvam sonnigo pongo, “as you sow, so shall you (crawl and) reap” nu – lol.

    “For the record, I believe, Like everyone else, that if there is no other way, it is good honorable and decent to pay for everything.” Adhu! (Am still waitingu. For Raavan mp3. So I can crawl, reap, etc.)

    Same policy, stagulu policy. Wonly one small twistu: “..it is good honorable and decent to [make karigai] pay for everything.”

    Thanks to the paari vallal, half the non-kainats world will now have learned about Mary Cassatt and gang coming into California — adhaan nethiku poturndhaangale, SJ Mercury sunday paper front page-la. Apparom September la post-impressionists gumbal-ey vardhu. (Van Gogh saar oda “Irises” paathu ethana jenmam aachu, sigh.)

    Gumbaloda govinda aagama irundha seri!

  8. rameshram says:

    so what should one say when van gogh’s irises comes to your town ?


  9. Sagar!ka says:

    vaango vaango nu solli vaaye vendhupochu saar!

  10. A lot of really good work you put into this. Very helpful ! When I got my Kindle I realized how much BETTER e-ink is for reading. Still really like my iphone, for the tasks I use it for, but reading is not one of those tasks.

  11. Zoe says:

    Excellent weblog right here! Additionally your website lots up very fast!
    What web host are you the usage of? Can I get your associate hyperlink in your host?
    I wish my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol

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