The dude is..

Name : Ramesh Ram…

He who invented the SMS review
Email Address :
Blog: (never updated) (reason for blog: Love the reader)

Flickr: (reason for photos: Themselves)

The Gimo Geek post: Ramesh’s Ten Bag(ger)

Dec 2010

Height/ Weight: 6’1 175 (varies between 160 and 185)
Color of hair/ eyes black/ brown
Bald? Nope
Interests: Film (Bollywood/international indie), Travel (Germany/Japan/Central America/Sout/east/west Asia/ Northern Africa), Gizmo geek, Clubbing…
What do I like in a good movie?:  Music, Auters, Special effects, Women,Style.
What do I like in a bad movie?:  Music, Auters, Special effects, Women,Style.
Favorite Critic: International: Bazin Domestic: J Hobermann Indian : me. (noone else comes close …India or here..) Bruce stirling said so (that blog entry is, here) too 😉
Best quality: Humility. Outspokenness. Warmth
Worst quality: Intolerence

maybe some more meat....

Favorite color : Yellow Black Blue
Favorite Perfume : men: Grey Flannel(Geoffery Beene) Women: Celine dion: Obsession
Boxers / briefs : Boxers

Author: Marquiz, Rushdie, Murakami, Jong
Last Book: An Incomplete education : Judy Jones & william wilson. Predictably irrational : Dan Ariely, The Cannon by Natalie Angier.

Music : Patricia Kass, Alejandro Sanz,Nina Simone, Amir Diab,imogen heap, KT Tunstal,… I have 200 gig of music and growing…)
What am I usually in at home : White briefs and tees.
Chianti or Burgandy: Chianti
Food: French Japanese(street/fast food).
Saw and liked: (better late than never)The Warrior, Harold and Kumar escape from Gbay
Saw and disliked: Nishabd, Before the Rains.
Didnt see: Aaja Nach le.

Call me: Write me first.

Credo: (developed as a rant in one of my blogposts, but like much in life,it grew into an existance of its own): The Seagull sez : This blog is for the people that actually watch films. the said people are, however allowed to read publicity material elsewhere, gaze at plastic wrappers featuring their favorite stars on dvd or othervice, go to dressing rooms and do stuff, go to their fundraisers/ parties/ develop business that may or not involve sex,and in other ways edify them. This blog is about , primarily, actually seeing films..operas….art…that one enjoys.This says nothing about my actual business which may or not have to do with selling properties, stockpicks,fashion, sports people,  or cosmetics to and from the third/non english speaking world.That said….

5 Responses to The dude is..

  1. Gagan M says:

    well have known Ramesh for three days now and been a fan… reasons he knows.. 😀
    will soon send my film to him. his review will matter 😛
    he is way better than most bolly guys we have.

  2. Selvam Thorez says:

    Hai, I’m interested in Albert Roussel and I saw Padmavati in Paris Châtelet Theatre last year. Could you give the source of the photo of Roussel with a woman and a cat you publish on your blog? Is it in Paris Bibliothèque nationale?
    Thank you in advance for your response.
    Faithfully yours,
    Selvam Thorez

  3. rameshram says:

    Hi selvam,

    the picture you refer to is from the official program for the ballet published by the chatelet theater. (I’m not sure the chatelet still has copies, maybe they has a pink cover)

  4. Karigai says:

    So you went and took *that* font quiz on PBS and changed everything over here to “Georgia”? Brrr reminds me of all that gospel singing from MNIK. I’m supposed to be “Hellvetica” or so says the kweej.

  5. rameshram says:

    nothing so exotic. WordPress keeps offerring new themes and I thought it would be a nice change, and I liked the pic.

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