Ramesh Ram


Photographer, Writer, Critic, Exhibit Curator, Filmmaker. MBA with Marketing

FilmMaker :

Work in progress. please check back soon.

Photographer :

Flickr site :

Described once as showing the Influence of Robert Frank, William Eccleston and Robert Adams, my pictures (Samples Below) are taken with the following Manifesto:

I do not alter my digital photos (taken primarily with my sanyo xacti hd 1000 (from Sep’08, also My Canon Dig reb XTI , Canon 18-55, and Sigma 75-200 ). I sometimes crop them for relevance, because my stills are at least 4 mpx big, sometimes 8, this does not compromise the image quality or modify the picture any. Don’t believe in arranging my elements or posing or any other professional camera/ modeling practices either. My light is , thanks to my super cmos sensor, natural too.I very rarely use the flash. In my opinion, found light (natural and artificial) is more than half the story in a photograph, and is lost when it is photo shopped or flashed/ lighted out

I believe the world is colorful and interesting enough for me not to need to fix it.

My primary influences are the portraits of Norman Rockwell, the films of Michelangelo Antonioni, the etchings of Mc Escher and the photographs of M. Henri Cartier Bresson(except that I wish he would have  stopped shooting so much with wide angle lenses) .

Samples (as slideshows on Flickr) :

Original Compositions

When The Sky talks :                                                  In Transit

Writer & Critic : I write on the following subjects.

Ø       Film Criticism : I write on Indian films from Bollywood  (Sample: Before the rains ) , Foreign Language film (Sample: Roman de Gare)  Hollywood Wide releases (Sample: Hellboy II) and Short video Reviews(Sample: Jaman reviews )

Ø  has been the subject of the bile of many a well known film newspaper writer. one (let’s call him sue?)  even wrote a bitty rumination about him entreating mullah nasurddin to give him the ability to take the high road.

Ø       Economics and finance (Sample : Mortgage Crisis Primer)

Ø       Photo essays (Sample: Mumbai Attacked!!)

Ø       Technology (Sample : Kindle Fan Post)

Ø       Music Reviews (sample : Slumdog Millionaire Music review: Outsourcing the revolution)

Ø       Opera reviews (Sample: Le Opera Padmavati )

Ø       Film Script coverages for Indian Language films produced by Major American Studios

Ø  Guested on 2 blowhards and Hungry Ghost

Exhibit Curator:

Ø       Worked with David Chute on the curation of the Kamalahasan film series at the UCLA school of film and television at Los Angeles CA in July 2005.

Ø       Internet curation: Put together the following web clips for my Blog Audience ,( Novelist Bruce Stirling once.described me as the Foremost Bollywood Critic in America) although he later used the exact same epithet to describe other people.

Ø       Music video: Townes Van Zant & Nina Simone

Ø       Bollywood : Hemant Kumar and Talat Mehmood Classics

Ø       Tamil film music : M K Thiagaraja Bhagavathar

Ø       Indian Classical Music : Documentary Biographies

MBA With Marketing :

Ø       I am an MBA . My basic academic grounding has been in Marketing and finance.

Ø       My working exposure has been to geographies all over the world, In Markets, including entertainment markets in Asia(Japan and India) , The Americas (The US – California, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Canada and Mexico) and Europe (The UK and France).

I understand Internet distribution models in entertainment, the associated copyright and rights management policies and issues and the emerging technologies in the area.


2 Responses to Resume

  1. Mansi says:

    I came across your blog googling bollywood reviews. Quirky but fun is how I would describe your writing 😉

    Enjoyed your posts – Top 5 bollywood blogs, TBL, OSO, Must say haven’t stayed this long on any blog.

    fellow film blogger 🙂

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