Capsule Reviews 2013

Chappaqua (Conrad rooks 1966) is an  avant garde film in the Andy Warhol and Stan Bharkage variety, Also Conrad rooks’s first film, and features a veritable who’s who of the sixties counter culture and beat culture ( Burroughs, Ginsberg, Ravi Shankar ,Robert frank, Philip Glass.. ) The film was originally supposed to be scored by Ornette Coleman, (who actually released recordings of the Chappaqua suite). It’s a stream of consciousness narrative(weren’t all sixties films) about the recovery of a guy who gets into drugs and has his mind expanded. If you can ignore the “important” message in the film you will LOVE the precisely constructed compositions some of which are signature frank (shooting into the sun in cityscapes washed out into black and white.) Silly film tho it looks like much fun was had.

A Highjacking (kapringen) 2012 : Danish film that is the “true” captain phillips story(or one like it) of a Hostage/ransom negotiation between a danish shipping line and Somali pirates that take it hostage. Losely constructed on Von trier’s dogme- well not really but it looks real enough- the film chronicles the120 odd days the crew spent on board with a layered telling that spares us “We Americans were challenged by the agents of the devil on our way to worship the great god mammon, and we triumphed because America is the Greatest” line that seems to be the essential prerequisite of ALL Hollywood distributed (American and foreign made) film these days. **Spoiler** the pirates win.**end spoiler**

Oonayiyum Aatukkuttium (mysskin 2013) : Watched by me off of pirated sources because at least two of the people I correspond with thought I was neglecting tamil films deliberately. Thereview may show signs of being written under duress. A film as mannered and pretentious as the Dostoevsky inspired name of its director, I found it a somewhat pointless refilming of the tamil noir films from Ilayaraja’s golden age( ucchakattam, Sigappu rojakkal, moodupani etc) without the corresponding fresh faced talent. Mysskin has the finesse of an elephant walking through a forest, and doesn;’t seem to have a message either. WHY was the blind family running, again?! Tamil Cinema needs Dostoevski like America needs another shutdown.


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  1. *tha says:

    //WHY was the blind family running//
    the movie is about saving the audience(blind people) from moothara bag carrying film-makers.seriously why do u even need a front story to cover it up.

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