Pacific rim (Del Toro 2013) : Anti Immigrant claptrap

The Kingdom of Hollywood has seen plenty of CGI film in the last ten years. Some have tried to make the genre into marvel comics and super heroes. Others have tried to make Shakespearean drama out of Computer generated story. The earliest films were myth and fantasy made into computer generated green screen images. The most successful films were the empty ones that were thinly veiled US military propaganda (Transformers, Vin deisel films, star wars knockoffs)  with a “human” hero at the center of it all –  a common enlisted nobody who would be expected to perform heroic deeds and destroy tons of enemy equipment and assets but then walk away to his broke life and girlfriend , and still respect his chain of command.

The last genre has now become so successful that it threatens to overrun ALL CGI narratives. films with awesome blow em up equipment .Larger than life imagery has become little more than army propaganda films for the US army. Hollywood is making fantasy and fiction news reels for the US military. Welcome to the new world It is exactly the same as the old world except none of it is true.

By now we have come to expect that “spaceship” really means “US navy ship” , Aliens  really means “Russians” or “Iranians” …or “Indians” and the hero on a mission is really getting his coded orders while on R & R from the Pentagon. Hollywood films that don’t obey this grammar seem to somehow mysteriously fail. Especially the action flics.

It was in this spirit that I went to see the Pacific Rim, a new Robots Vs Alien Monsters film by (no less than ) Guiellermo Del Toro. My expectation was for at least a redeeming feature or two..I was hoping that the maker of Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth would bring a sense of humanity to the otherwise mindless giant robot movie. I was mistaken. The film is every bit as bad as you expect a Hollywood military propaganda film to be, To add insult to injury the film is also anti immigrant claptrap (penned by Guillermo del Toro , no less) masquerading as science fiction.

Get a load of this.

The “threat” to “the Humans” comes from “underneath” the “ailens” open up a tunnel of some sort whence they send gigantic monsters to attack the humans. This is because the monsters used to live in the world before (as dinosaurs) and  they want it back, now that we have made the “world” terraformed to their needs.

Tell me if I am mistaken , but does this or not sound like Mr Del Toro is talking about Mexico wanting California back because they once used to rule it, and the “monsters” they are sending are the armies of illegal immigrants?! You are now part of the KLAN- US Army, Mr del Toro. This is Klan propaganda from Hollywood.

Or at least its hateful and divisive, and I didn’t think it was in you to be so about Mexicans….

The unpalatable propaganda detracts from the other (fairly dubious) merits of the film . It looks and feels like early James Cameron/ Ridley Scott films and is full of early human interest stories about its protagonists. The look and feel of the Aliens and Terminator films is unmistakable and the fights between the giant robots and the monsters have a Japanese animated Godzilla film flavor.

But the entire film feels severely traumatized because the message seems dictated by someone trying to militarize the US Mexican border because they want spanish speakers dead in the US. If Mr del Toro is an unwilling participant in this farce war propaganda, then this will be the point he sold out  his street cred to become another M night Shyamalan  making junk and losing his backbone for filthy lucre. I thought you were better than that Guillermo.

Filmmakers CAN recover from their Godzilla sized mistakes but it has seldom happened that one has gone nazi the way Del toro has in this film , and then done a U turn and recovered to make redeeming classics.

That would be a little like Mel Gibson making socialist films about human suffering.


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5 Responses to Pacific rim (Del Toro 2013) : Anti Immigrant claptrap

  1. Ashley says:

    Way to grasp for straws trying to prove some crazy political bs that couldn’t be more of a stretch. This movie barely had a plot much less a devious scheme to propagate a mexico US border war. Pacific rim is a movie about giant monsters coming from another dimension under the pacific ocean ala HP Lovecraftian lore/Godzilla, and Giant robots piloted by various nations under a common interest ala Gundam/Evangelion. That’s it. It didn’t even have the decency to try and develop its cast of characters beyond classic anime tropes much less take the time to mask a evil anti-immigrant master plot. Not to mention hollywood is typically very liberal and immigration reform is one of their biggest pushes. I’m sorry but you couldn’t have been more wrong about this movie and should really try to pull your head out of your egotistical ass.

    • rameshram says:

      Thank you for you comment! 🙂 Pacific rim wasn’t really all that .. like you said, and my review didn’t really need to be rebutted …althoug on various occasions in my life angry women have asked me to do precisely that (get my head out of my egoistical ass) ……I digress….

      Pacific rim was just (and no more than ) a Giant robot (johnny sokko and the Giant robot) movie with no shades of HP lovecraft or manga/ godzila in it. Del toro’s illustration/ animation was not even stylization…and fell way short of straight computer generated animation.

      The anti immigrant overtones, however, were real and the straight line plotted monsters coming from tunnels from “down ” and the two choices “we” have of either “building a wall” (not mentioned in my review) or arming “rebel” monster hunters to “kill” them, to me felt vaguely like anti immigrant claptrap. Of course, like most CGI US army propaganda I see in Hollywood films I could have left this un commented on. My head is too much in my egoistical ass for me to be that way.

      I see the current moment in history like the cusp of the jazz age…or the early days of the cold war in the 1950’s , where soldiers are coming back home from (what they think is) a victorious war, and think they can contribute domestically to….something. in those past times, US army soldiers were used by the racist establishment for jim crowe…and other segregationist agendas. I hope that will not be the case this time but to point to Hollywood’s past liberal agendas as a reason why THIS film could not have racist overtones sounds to me like you are in the first stage of grief: denial.


      • Dude I’m an Indian, and a guy, who’s lived in the us for a while, and I can confidently say this is the queerest, dumbest interpretation of Pacific Rim I’ve read. It’s also dead wrong about several of the other named movies. That is all.

        What’re you smoking, mate? 🙂

      • rameshram says:

        Maybe you should ask the indian people’s union to take back my indian status for writing such a queert dumb review 😉

        In all seriousness, what does tyour indian status or the fact that you have lived in America have to do with anything? do you seriously think the review was written because I was indian or because I was living in america a long time? if so, can you explain why that is even relevent to anything the review says? 🙂

        ok maybe im smoking something…cuz Im totally NOT wit whatever program you’re reading from…..

  2. AtlantaGuy says:

    i sorta thought about the proposed fencing project on the mexican border when i saw them erecting that ineffective wall.

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