The Parable of Gandhi and the Aircraft Carrier

This is something I want to post as a parable on my blog as well, The situation you have in india is this: Imagine a small fishing village that didn’t do more than say 20 Lacs a year of fish catching , but fed everyone in it and people were not **happy** but they were fed and the kids played on the beach happily and the communities occasionally indulged in communal riots…and all was hunky dory otherwise.

Now an aircraft carier comes to the sea outside this village. not to do war, but for..just some shore time….rest , restock supplies….There’s no indication whether it will stay forever, but it has many men, plenty of people coming ashore and doing interactions with the locals.

Can you imagine all the changed dynamics? every one will be selling fish at highly upped prices, the new power structure will include the ship’s crew , with whom every businessman will imagine great relationships. everyone will a salable sister will be seriously putting a price on his sister’s Saree, and combing her hair….and so on. the village will imagine that good times are finally here. Hindus, muslims, will forget their differences and stop rioting and start selling sisters.

Now imagine two alternate outcomes. One. the carrier has to go awa, leaving the village fll of…….prostitutes….or two, the Superpower is asked to occupy the place . Now the village is full of prostitutes FOR A LIFETIME!

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