Editorial: Obama’s Security State

Addendum: (after Obama’s charlie rose interview on the 17th)


Short of this youre still a dictator that oversaw the end of American democracy.

The original blog post


Long ago , the people of America put up two phalluses sticking out into the skyline of manhattan. some muslim techies in Germany decided that the twin towers were too inviting a target. With some unspecified logistical support from a Saudi expatriate living in Texan Pakistan, they flew airplanes into America’s erect penis, thus giving the US the biggest KLPD (khade lund pe dhakka….kick to the erect penis) since a whole lot of vietnamese farmers threw the ocean superpower out of their paddy fields.

This made many people very very angry. not only did the American people suddenly stop believing in evolution from this, they also gave the monkey in charge draconian powers to do as he will with the broken gate of their gated community.

Bush, like any good scammers worth his sault immediately gave 40 billion dollars each to the security companies that were staffed by his team : (Chaney, Rumsfeld,  Blackwater, Halliburton)  and gave away cash like a drunken sailor to American capital interests (Tax breaks, Medicare part D) , and then proceeded to finance this by invading iraq and pretending that the world owed him free lunch.  The Saudis and the Japanese, who had paid for the earlier invasion of iraq under daddy, would only do it now if the price of oil was kept at over 110 dollars a barrel of crude for a long time. When that felt like giving bin laden money to the yanks, the administration closed ranks, consolidated power and turned colonialist.

Powerful people reasoned that America needs to get value for all its foolishly spent defense dollars (about 5-6 trillion since 2000) Someone had to pay a price. In this process, , first America turned the Big NATO  countries into 18th century style colonial powers. France , Britain Italy, all started colonial domination and exploitation of their former north african and asian colonies again. The US monetarily squeezed India, South Korea, Japan and China into investing in US currency, which it was , by now heavily deficit financing for all the F22s and Battleship carrier groups…and missile shields it was building…

.The Secret state was growing into a full fascist military industrial complex that rivalled Nazi Germany’s and Soviet secret police  of Stalin. Bush had already suspended the rule of law by setting up Guantanamo bay for people snatched off the street in places like Philadelphia as well as in foreign places like Pakistan. Now his fascist-secret police handlers moved fast to bring their secret security state under some form of mock legality. They set up secret courts under the Patriot act(which was a defacto suspension of judicial oversight ) and called it a FISA court. They then forced the FISA court to give them Blanket authority to do wide spread spying in the name of National Security. one hundred and eighty years of jurisprudence established under CJ John marshall and jealously protected to keep the court system relevant was thrown out the window by these courts which made things like probable cause and the fourth amendment irrelevant. The appointment of far right justices (CJ John Roberts has been far MORE CENTRIST than his reputation, but Alito and Scalia have been true to their reputation, and Thomas has worked with them) that passed ridiculous judgements such as citizens united has made the court sit out this suspension of the US constitution by the executive branch).

American Democracy was ALREADY suspended before Obama became president. The constitution has been gutted, people in power can do whatever they want, The US had started functioning as a fascist secret state where the MOST POWERFUL people behaved like a crime cartel, using micromanagement and fear to preserve and grow their wealth. The US FED , by instituting the carry trade regime led this charge.

Obama’s world.

So when it recently came out that Obama was heading an administration that happily inherited bush’s every bad habit, there’s no wonder that polls show a spike in bush’s popularity. People think Obama made it worse.

Did Obama make it worse? superficial signs indicate that this is certainly so. If you found a secret police spying on everyone when you took over a communist state (say for instance Hungary) the measure of whether you are the new tinpot dictator or if youre the guy that headed a revolution to OVERTHROW a dictatorship is in how you handle the secret police apparatus.

If you (Obama)  joyously dive in and use the propaganda machine to lie, the secret prison system to imprison innocent people, spy on an entire nation’s email and phone calls (sure you listen in…record ….sniff and do everything the secret police used to do in stalinist russia….no point denying it!) then it very much looks like it walks and talks like a goose step.

YOU , sir are a Fascist. no matter how cute your family looks in your propaganda pictures.

Are we beyond return?

The world has gone past the point of no return many times. even a genocide is  not a point of no return for life. we survived the extinction of dinosaurs, so on a big existential level, I am sure we can survive America becoming a fascist state where everyone’s every “move ” is watched. My (your ) emails are tracked. your ideas are theirs to use or throw away. people become rich from obeying government diktat. Most people will just evolve to accept that America is no longer a democracy (happened to France after its socialist revolution in the 1700’s. … they had napoleon, who the french still call great, even if he grabbed power)

See the issue here is, a secret state is like a parent that sexually fondles his daughters. There is no point justifying it by saying “But fondling is not Sex” . And there’s no point COLLABORATING with it because its only a matter of time you are collaborators in a crime you never signed up for.

Acceptable face

So when people elected Obama , and reelected him, it was not because they wanted an acceptable face on the terrorist state, It was because they wanted someone to clean house. It wasn’t because they wanted the morning after pill or legal pot (although that helps live down Obama and his fascist state’s overreaches) , it was to DISMANTLE the apparatus that had grabbed power. We find our boy collaborating with the whites only club instead of breaking up the segregated club.


So please do not make this about Snowden and his pole dancing girlfriend. He may be the devil incarnate and Jabba the Hutt for all I care. the issue is about how we elected a community organiser who was corrupted into fascist because the attractions were too great.

and you can take your immigration bill and shove it up your ass.

Post script: The obama millitary industrial empire, it seems has not learnt from America’s mistakes. Subsequent to this leak from snowden, they first tried to paint HIM as a evil villain “operating from china (through a Guardian and a Washington post reporter, who are, doubtless chinese spies too) , then decided that “everyone supporting such leaks were traitors” after minimizing the program first as collecting “trash from a trash bin” and then solemnly looking into television cameras and swearing  “the NSA ONLY goes into records(of all our lives) through searches that have to have a fisa court warrant” (hahaha) and finally giving up and attacking syria to give the american public a diversion. Youre behaving GUILTY AS SIN, General congo (which is my new name for OBAMA).

This TED talk is an excellent illustration of the dangers posed by the NSA sping program on American civilians.


we used to know democracy…now they hunted it down to extinction. Condolences.


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