Is the Big Bang Theory (BBT) really about unrequited Sibling Sex? : A facebook argument

Ramesh Ram

3 hours ago

  • is it just me or does the big bang theory feel incestuous in a very hilbilly way? the leonard penny couple look like smart brother slutty sister, the jewish /catholic family has the whole mother son issue thing out in the open , the smart geeks LOOK like brother and sister…and Raj’s sister shows up and then is constantly naked…the series is all about fucking your sister….by proxy.

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dd  Ummm… No… It is you.

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Ramesh Ram youre just been seduced by all the string theory and youre blind to anything else in it.

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VS  stop drinking and go to bed, please

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Ramesh Ram haha

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Ramesh Ram Here I am with a pathbreaking insight into the one stupid series with a house Indian character in it, and you think inebriation gave it to me ? You are truly one of a kind….

Thank god!

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anybody who thinks so much into a sitcom, must be drunk. it is a sitcom on geeks..the women they have access to has to be sisters and neighbours. it is realistic

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Ramesh Ram ANYBODY?! wow!

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Ramesh Ram you just don’i know what i’m talking about …is all…

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Ramesh Ram (attempting again) NONE of the charecters is sleeping with anyone’s sister (currently). theres only ONE neighbor girl, so your theory is busted… I was talking about what the interaction between the charecters LOOKED like (above)….I realize that freud never really came to india… your …ignorance…. is excusable…

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VS  are you saying you found freud in the US? like i said (attempting again), no sitcom requires so much research and assessments. take it at face value and go with it. I dont know if you have indeed seen all the episodes but as i remember, three of them tried hitting on sheldon’s sister; two of them had a pact to keep away from rajesh’s sister. penny introduced howard to bernadette…only sheldon’s girl was a completely random stranger (but in true geek style found online). they portray camaraderie with sexual tension, which i guess you interpret as sibling attraction a la freud’s parental, I repeat, if you are drinking, stop. If not, stop looking into shallow waters, you could still drown

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Ramesh Ram I’m not drinking today, and I’m perfectly serious….and you guess wrong. I did find freud only in the US. I had read freud in india but had never taken him too seriously from the very unresolved nature of real life indian sexuality…it seemed very…theoretical. While everyone’s real sisters DO make an appearance in the series(and I have watched all six seasons) I was not talking about the charecter arcs of the Geek charecters and their real sisters. I was talking about the quality of interactions between the respective couples as they are formed now and as they formed over the course of the episodes. least you think I sat and did deep analysis to arrive at my theory , let me disabuse you of that thougt. I was watching the last episode (the valentines day one) with leonard and penny sitting at a table and discussing the “romance ninja” and suddenly it clicked in place, because I thought wow…these two are so much like a geeky brother and slutty sister .. and as I started looking at how each couple’s interaction evolved, they looked equally “sibling ” to me…the clue was Raj’s sister (that’s the capstone that kept the arch in place, because they never let her be anything but sexual…and if possible half naked..throughout her prescence in the serial. That’s why I decided the series was really about unresolved incestual feelings, disguised as a comedy about geeks. Sheldon’s sister was not on long enough to make a difference, but wolfowitz’s mother DOES hit on raj in one of the episodes…and leonard’s mother is all over sheldon…in fact I remember one episode where they nearly have sex.

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Ramesh Ram and while it is POSSIBLE not to look too deep into a comedy series, this one has a serious amount of continuity and is capable of being interpreted. Sheldon’s mom sleeps with his BOSS…which is the least freudian of all the interactions….

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VS  man, you have too much time

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Ramesh Ram and you, as usual have been proved to be full of shit

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Ramesh Ram hey should I make this a blog post?

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