Quienten Tarantino : Django and owning your junk. A facebook argument.

This is an argument with an industry insider (Names removed) about tarantino losing his temper . enjoy.

DS : why is Quentin so testy? guess it’s age.

Ramesh Ram cuz he is the king.

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DE :  He DOES have a temper.

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Ramesh Ram someone give QT a gun!

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Ramesh Ram Wow! He talked for five minutes with this douchebag before he shut him down!

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DS so what? so out of line. it was a genuine question I felt given the climate that exists today.

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DS : it was a sincere question. definitely not douchbaggy.

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Ramesh Ram DS, it’s a legitimate rebuttal. he “shut him down” because he says he will not repeat himself, and that everything people want to know about QT and violence has already been said in the context of besterds, kill bill django…..jackie brown ….ad nauuseum repeatedly.

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Ramesh Ram no it was a douchebaggy….cutsey…..piece of attack..

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DS : just freakin answer the question and move on. So much anger and ego. Not needed no matter how big you are.

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Ramesh Ram I think his point was that a filmmaker making a “violent” or a “exploitative” genre of film is not accountable to a person merely because he has a news program that has more of a dialectical “discussin” format.

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Ramesh Ram I think the anger is part of the answer. Who says a filmmaker should look like the good boys according to publicists?

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Ramesh Ram and I ddin’t see any “ego” there in his answers either. only irritation that the “news” fiction was intruding on his job of selling the film to the audience.

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DS : I disagree with his comment that the interview was a commercial for the movie. Not really!

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Ramesh Ram he didn’t say the interview was he said HE was there to sell his film and if that purpose was not being served, it was within his power to shut the interview down.

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Ramesh Ram and if the iervewier had any integrity left to his journalistic shtick, he would have got angry instead of lamely trying to nice up to qt about how much he “likes his films”.

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DS : I dont think that kind of reaction would have helped his cause. He was just trying to do his job sincerely and QT was just being rude to him.

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Ramesh Ram I think the interviewer channelled a certain kind of passive agressive reaction one sees from some people in face of an in your face film like django. I think QT just called him on it. people who are in on the dynamic know exactly what happenned here.

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Ramesh Ramhttp://www.npr.org/2013/01/02/168200139/quentin-tarantino-unchained-and-unruly That’s the terry gross interview, and QT reacts very similarly to terry’s passive agressiveness about his “blackness” (sans outburst) . This “racist” dynamic has been playing out everywhere there are people that will sweep the issue of raciosm under the carpet.

Quentin Tarantino, ‘Unchained’ And Unruly : NPR


With his latest film, director Quentin Tarantino was inspired both by spaghetti …See More

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DS : I saw that. he would’nt dare tell Terry: am going to shut your butt down and/or this is a commercial for a movie. Terry Gross is a class act. just because he has discussed his views on violence in his movies before does’nt mean that he cannot revisit it.

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Ramesh Ram I think after 40 similar interviews, QT changed his strategy. if terry was one of the latter interviews he might have.

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Ramesh Ram Babu, it means that if he wants it to mean that. he is the creator of the film , not some replacable employee of some studio wearing a hat that says “director”.

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DS Sam Peckinpah and Don Segal had no issues answering these kinds of questions repeatedly.

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Ramesh Ram and QT or…godard or alejandro jodorovski…do….

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VT : Look at the interviewer’s body language, he keeps pointing the finger every 2 seconds, says QT’s film was called trashy within the first few minutes, says the slaves were raped.. hey I would get mad. The interview was PR for the movie, Krishnan knew that and QT pointed it out.. why would he get an interview with him otw if QT was not out promoting his film?

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DS  Just because he created the movie, does’nt give him the right to play God. He could’nt have made the movie without the collaborate effort of cast and crew.

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Ramesh Ram yes it does. its a question of how much ownership you want to take for the trash you make.

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DS : moving on. have a good weekend.

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Ramesh Ram his WHOLE cast and crew could walk out and be replaced, and it would STILL BE A QUIENTEN TARANTINO MOVIE!

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Ramesh Ram DS , repeating my disclaimer, I do not like django too much and have called QT Hollywood’s rodeo clown in my review( www.rameshram.wordpress.com ) and think its borderline trash, but I will defend to death QT’s attempt to take his trash personally and get angry when he feels it’s being called unjustified names..

My Journal


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DS  am a fan of QT but feel one does’nt need to be arrogant and rude to anyone.

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Ramesh Ram I respect that, but I feel some times you gotta fight to be a man.


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