Anti Law enforcement lingo.

I have decided, that in the spirit of the occupy wall street style civil disobedinece, I shall conciously change my use of language to  represent my (as opposed to BIG society) values. Have no dount, I want to be big , own big and spend big, but  since I don’t I shall recognize the fact that I AM not big, but rather subject to coercive language, diktats and potentially pepperspray for arbitrary or no reason from BIG people, I have decided to conciously demagnetize myself from being a zombie in control of the BIG.

My first step in realizing my freedom is to free myself of the 1984 speak of the big people. The police are not “law enforcement” they are the police. They do not “fight crime” heck they usually just take down the details of a crime Im reporting and tell me “they’ll get back to me” they DO however glower menacingly at me if Im taking pictures of perfectly innocent targets in public places. SO the police seem more a “discipline enforcing force for rich people ” than a “crime fighting force” on our behalf.

Given this seismic shift, I shall refuse to acknowledge petty crime in my language. It seems to me that if no one will police the mass criminal, the bank mafiosi, the banks that get bailouts, the Vampire squid whose gangsters make money from looting the governments and the federal reserve, petty crime enforcement is only an effort to keep order on behalf of the mafia bosses. (godfather doesn’t like competition from petty crooks). Thus, “suspects” will be “citizens”. “Felons” and “drug dealers” will be “victims of police abuse”.  and “crime” will be the “poor without political representation” to get them off the hook.

A “police car” will now be an “occupy busting weapon” and when someone is “tough on crime” they will merely be “a prison industry friendly lobbyist”.

Now we can hardly limit this to the police and local law enforcement. the FBI will now hitherto be the “national mafia” and their spying and information collecion appariti(impressive as they are) will be referred to as “smear weapons” for hire to the most politically well connected mafia.

The Army will be “the bomb droppers of the 1%” and “the anti civilian killer vigilantes”. Wars against other countries will hiterto be “profiteering expeditions of our rich masters” veterans will be “poor bastards who did their bidding for whom we need to, now, pay”.

The “flag” shall now be referred to as “the logo of the 1%” and “the country ” shall now be referred to as “your prison”.

“The people ” shall hitherto be referred to as “the poor Bastards”.



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