Fox News Assholes

This is a follow up posts on Takedown of the bullshitters on fox news post I made in June 2010.

This list is of the top Assholes on fox news. Lets define this: These are people that are either behaving like assholes for rhetorical flourish they are forced to adopt as a price of being employed at fox news or are genuinely assholes from their ideological construction or their being informed by the same sources as the ultracon network. Their “opinion” provides aid and comfort to the enemy(the racist cross national conspiracist that would tear the fabric of America asunder from their single minded racist hate ..members of this tribe include the Australian Rupert Murdoch, the Texans Koch, The Queen of England and the canadian billionaires owning mineral and metal franchises all over the world and others..) , so they can legitimately be construed to be terrorist sympathizers who inspire racist copycats in otherwise suburban America.

1. Charlie Payne: The guy looks and dresses like a black academic from howard college but is reactionarily anti black , anti democratic and (dare I say this) racist(ie white racist  unloading on poor black people, not black racist that hates white people). Someone should tell him to try to drive a week in the deep south and keep his mouth shut, and watch how he gets received by small town law enforcement there. That will cure him. But I also get the feeling that perhaps he;s just being brazenly mercenary, that perhaps if MSNBC gave him a job tomorrow, he would be equally shrilly leftist.

Judge Nepolitano : The good judge is the equivalent on fox to the corrupted judge you see  in  mob films. His principles are not only compromised, but he’s a thoroughly knowledgeable jurist whose talents are in hock to the mafia don (Roger Ailes in this case) . It also feels like the man needs to prove loyalty by bomb throwing at The Obama administration and all the sympathizers, and he does it screechingly and stridently. A close next having to do this to survive is Greta van Sustern, but she’s harmless enough not to have any teeth.

Greg Gutfeld: I hate calling this guy an asshole because he might take it as a compliment, but really, if there was a stereotype of the nazi who enjoyed inflicting his genocidal misdeeds on the er…genocided, it must be modeled on the host of Redeye.  He looks like an ambiguous unouted homophobic gay person with an irritating laugh and an unerring eye for finding the hidden “downtrodden” (jew , in the nazi analogy) to crap all over, he is living proof that a sense of humor is a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of some.

Bob Beckel  :  He’s the “our Asshole in fox” (which doesn’t make him more endearing. It is painful to watch him be patronized on “the five” or any other show where he’s the token democrat) . He behaves like a petulant overbearing pouter who gives up the “secret sleeze of the democrats” because he has to overwork to catch people’s attention. But make no mistakes, he’s an asshole. He wanted julain assange shot, and repeatedly apologies for democrats on the hostile network.

The pretty women assholes: There is a slew of these (and Dana parino, whose a genuine operative doesn’t count) that give fox news a lesson in how to say insensitive assholey things when looking immaculately dolled up.  Andrea tantaros, Ann coulter, Michelle Malkin,  monica crawley, Mary kathrine hamm,…I can’t usually say one from the other for the similarity of message and visual appeal, but they get away with saying breathtakingly assholey things , usually about poor people(they hate them) , Democrats( they have contempt for them) and the Occupy wall streeters (who feel, to them, like the poorer kids that went to school with them) . I often wonder (Malkin excepted) whom they blew to get on the show.

The Humongous Giant elephant butt hole in the room : I have visions of roger ailes being this Giant Jabba the hut linked through electrodes to every part of the fox news empire breathing toxic fumes of disapproval for ideologies he would dictate to his borg minions, while at the same time being the idealogue for the 1% (tax cutting is good, Government is bad, the vienna school of economics rocks!!!) , while at the same time, having a white princess leia chained at her neck splayed at his feet, but its too delicious. I’m sure roger is only one heart attack away from immortality (or charles krauthammer).


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5 Responses to Fox News Assholes

  1. Ann says:

    Oh yes…a network that tries to fuel the hate filled masses with hate filled rhetoric and ample judgement…ahhh what would Jesus do? I think the enlightened one would be mortified by the “spin” these hateful bastards have put on the important issues of our times. They want their cake and eat it too. Pay your share of taxes and watch how our economy improves. Enable affordable health care for our shrinking middle class. Respect the multiple races, faiths and minority groups that make up the melting pot that America is….President Obama is exactly what this country needs…CHANGE…whether you’re ready or not, and it’s commonly known that Republicans are horrified of any change. It may shake up their wonderful lifestyle. Hey..that’s fine, but our middle class is dying here. If ever there was a need for change, it is now.

  2. Paul Seery says:

    Where do they come from? You might find the answer in the lyrics to the song, “You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught,” by Oscar Hammerstein III. The song is found in the 1948 musical “South Pacific,” and certainly worth a look see.

  3. Al says:

    I must try to be respectful, but this is difficult. Why does FOX continue with the Benghazi issue when the rest of the world either takes the administration at its word, or DOESN’T FRICKING CARE?. Your boy (Bush) let us suffer heartache that I hope you and your family will never have to endure, WITHOUT THIS MUCH SCRUTINY. Grow up, our elected president is DEMOCRAT. He will help the poor, he will make the world better for all, not for a few. This is like the jocks versus the nerds, we win by the way… no matter what you think, information doesn’t flow like wine. Though I believe your wine is the drunken truth.

  4. mike jacobs says:

    the biggest hater on fox is eric bolling what a prick

  5. mike jacobs says:

    i love dana perino fox has the best looking except for greta what a dog

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