Android Apps that can cool-ify you

OK ,

Technology post. How to cool-ify yourself when the phone market is driving you crazy.

Problem Statement: Here is the problem, When you walk into an apple store and see people looking like they know what theyre doing with an I phone 6 (or whatever) you tend to go back home wondering if your $ 2000 laptop and your $300 phone of two years ago is hopelessly out of date.

As regards the former, A netbook that can connect to wifi is a nice $350 solution and an effective substitute for the $2800 macbook air you saw sitting thin in the apple showroom, As to the latter, It’s time you swapped your brick for a new brick. Look for a phone which can support it’s own version of 4G. that saves you (if you have 4 G) the cost of getting broadband internet at home. it works pretty well, but currently that depends on your location.


My choice in technology for phones was android . there are several reasons for this. 1. I am a napster person, not an I tunes person. I like free. I don’t like my technology couched as culture. Give me the  raw undigested , unmassaged chinese operating system any day over the swankified interfaced job(s).  Different keystrokes for different folks.

2. The energy in the android market cheers me up. I understand this may yet turn out like the Palm OS and android phones could get sold to  yahoo, or worse, but with sergi, I think I can take the risk.

3. many apps are free that would cost me money in the itunes marketplace. So what’s an app? its like a remote control for your TV. until it existed, you had no idea that you could do this with your machine, and now that it does, you can’t seem to function without it.

an app is a tiny program you download on to your tiny computer(or your gigante phone) that does something particular.

Here , with much ado, is my favoritest apps on an android phone. (how do you get an android phone? go to your phone store. ask for the most expensive, newest phone in the market (chances are, if youre not at AT&T , they’ll bring you an android phone. ) ask them then for the one that’s the second best phone. they’ll bring you a good one.  it should cost you about 250 bucks(130 for a unlimited data plus voice plan) and you’ll be good for another two years.



All things considered : gives me the NPR news and web feed in one convenient app. (you can pick new york times or fox news as your favorite poison too) it also lets me tune into my local public radio station on the web..which is eery public radio station.

Andro ruler : is a inch ruler on your screen. you run it along the surface you want to measure and it keeps going like an inch tape.

Andropan : is a camera application which allows you to pan our camera across a panoramic view, and stitch the photos you take into one large one.

AStat- is a statistical and financial calculator.

Barcode Scanner : does as promised.

Blacklist assistant: lets you block calls from specified numbers.

Call vonage: lets you call using your vonage account(depending on your vonage plan, you could call overseas unlimited from your cellphone.)

Chrome to phone lets you send files and webpages from your computer’s web browser to your phone. (no more printing out or writing addresses.

Google earth gives maps and pictures from the world in your phone.

Fring allows you to videocall your contacts with a similar(or iphonelike) brick..or someone with a webcam on a computer.

Goggles allows you to point your camera in the phone at a spot, and using geolocation, gives you notable things/prople/ stuff(which translates to “spend money here” around where you are.

Google Sky map: allows you to point the phone at the sky, camera up, and tells you which star is which.

gstrings is a music tuner(like a sruthi box)  that gives you a tuning scale (g#)  and lets you tune your strings.

Hire a droid: brings all the possible career/ job search sites into one app.

Instant Heart Rate: tells you your heart rate instantly.

Livetapp is a new york city events app.

Location spoofer drives the GPS crazy by spoofing your phone’s location.

On the Fly: Tracks your flights and alerts you of events about it.

Pandora is a radio app, thats pretty famous.

Shazam Allows you to point your phone at any song that’s playing and returns the artist name and title works for most western songs. I haven’t tried it with bollywood songs.

Skype :  lets me call using my skype account, but only if the phone is connected to a wifi network.

Time catcher : lets you catch the time you spent on business calls into a conveniet log which you can then use to bill clients.

Trapster: uses a network of tipsters to tell you the places where there are police cars and speeding cameras.

Urban dictionary : makes you cool.

US Traffic locates you on a map and gives you traffic updates around you..on yourroute…or anywhere…

water sound : plays the sound of water .

Where is my all in all events restaurants,movies news and yellow page updater.

WordPress:  lets me compose my blogposts on the phone.

xpiano puts a full length piano keyboard on the phone’s screen.

There are other useful apps that everyone knows about- youtube, weather, spell checker,voice recorder,camera,camcorder(mines an 9 mp and 720 p ) television,twitter,translator,navigation(live GPS and google maps) Hotspot(may cost you more though). News feeds,kindle/ebook reader,wallpapers and ringtones,FM radio, clock and alarm clock, and yatcatra..

but the most interesting one I found so far is an app that promises to turn the phone into a vibrator.

Oh all these apps I listed are free in the android market.theres a helpful likn on your phone, and unless oure crazy, you wouldn’t pay for them’..or unless youre an I phone user…


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2 Responses to Android Apps that can cool-ify you

  1. Karigai says:

    How cool is it to be able to point the phone at the sky, camera up, and find out which star is which (purely from a layman perspective, not amateur astronomer’s)!

    Love the remote control analogy wrt the app; like you say, until it existed, you had no idea that you could do this with your machine, and now that it does, you can’t seem to function without it. i know this is true from all the take-for-granted apps on the laptop, but am still a troglodyte, technologically speaking, particularly when it comes to phone apps (i told you this before, i don’t even have a data plan on my htc; good i didn’t know what I was missing, except i kinda do now, damn!).

    Speaking of putting a full length piano on the phone screen, did you check out this video? My colleague was at TED in SF earlier this year, and said she was blown away by Ge Wang’s talk and all the different musical instruments the iPhone was capable of morphing into (not that that’s gonna earn it any brownie points in your book, lol). How cool is it that music/app addicts can now conjure up an orchestra using their phone?

    • karigai says:

      ps – One last word on the remote control… Before, we used to have 4 remotes (for tv, ps 3, DVD, receiver), until the universal remote came along… quite the life-altering experience!! (But not before much rebelling — I refused at first to have anything to do with it coz it seemed way over my head… then I had to be wrestled down and taught how to use it and now… can’t imagine a day without it!)

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