The importance of being Grady Hendrix (or :writing for the desi mob)

A worthy Journalist with a nom(de plume?) that evoked a guitar god, once took on the challenge of writing for the desi mobs on the internet.

A certain film featuring a certain south indian film star was the excuse for Stan Winston (of George lucas/ Steven Speilberg’s Industrial Light and Magic/ Stan Winston studios fame)  to be the brand namee that gave enough credibility for hollywood press to start beginning to push a sixty one year old near mummified south Indian star’s latest new release film.

He (Hendrix) reckoned without the mob internet desi. They will NOT be promoted to. The Jurrat!

SO without any more ado here, we present, the Responses to Mr Hendrix’ article(which, to be fair to him, sounds like any filmfare article from the 70’s when rajinikanth was trying to cross over into Hindi films.

The original Article is here, but this piece is an abstraction of the Ten most entertaining responses from the desi mobs that populate the internet. (found if you scroll below in the article)

A. Jes Shutcho mout

Mobster 1: if u dono abt rajinikanth mean’s just shut the mouth and back to ur work !!! we love his acting and his style !! what’s wrong with u ?!?!?!i like to share my word’s with u if u known tamil just mail ur no to my mail id i will call and tell abt rajini!! k 🙂

B. Mobster with hurt emotions

Mobster 2: what do you think about our superstar???
he is our man……….he does our kind of movies………and what is bothering you…….we are not forcing you to see the movie……….enthiran is released abroad just for the indians abroad not for you……..may be you don’t like rajni but we do………….you have no rights to hurt our emotions………… superstar movie is animated movie………..look out for “Sultan The Warrior”

C. Wrong hendrix..The world : created by a clown.

Mobster 3: Who the hell is this Clown “Grady Hendrix” first of all. Is he the one who created the world? This is yet another clear example of what will be the output if a brainless buffalo mates with a female pig in a sewage disposal tank. Yes you guessed it correct, the output will be this “Grady Hendrix”. I dont know from where these zombies originate from

D. The Post colonial mobster

Mobster 4: mr.garry, u guys have taken all the wealth from various places and doin’ whatever u like 2. do not compare bollywood with kollywood.u can find majority of the technicians in bolly ‘ll b from south.v have given best dancers,actresses,directors,makeup men,fighters,stories,music directors, and other technicians from our part.u always can see in the indian map that the southern edge ‘ll b sharp like our brains.u sit sumwhere nd easily comment on us.u can find the stories in bollywood film ‘ll b mainly from malayalam or tamil or telugu or if nothing interests they ‘ll go for an abroad writes.though u call us poorer cousins v r the 1s giving the best to the world.remember u have taken the yoga and given us aids.never tease us.INDIA IS A GREAT COUNTRY. RAJINI IS ONE OF OUR BEST.

E. The Logical Jujitsu

Mobster 5: If hez an unknown one, why the hell u guys want to know about him and writes about him here?

F. The Psycho babble mobster:

Mobster 6 : Grady Hendrix…u want to get a lot of public attention…try other means before making sensational claims about the tamil film industry and the superstar Rajinikanth…ur understanding and description is pathetic and looks pre motivated… doesn’t make a difference to what Rajini is all about and the contribution he makes to the film industry…

G. The Pauncha loha Idol (the next three mob bosses)

Mobster 7 :Rajini does not have a paunch… what the hell are u talkin abt.. admitted that he is bald… but no paunch… publish such stuff about Rajini at your own risk…

as disputed by mobster 8 : He has a paunch and it jiggles..

Mobster 9: We will petition for the writer to Apologize at least on two counts:
1. Rajnikanth doesn’t have a Paunch.
2. We are not Bolywood’s poor cousin

H. Fact Checking mobster: who corrects the confusing punch dialog with an even more confusing , bizzare version)

Mobster 10: About his punch dialogues : He wont say
“I will do what I say. I will also do what I don’t say.”
He will only say
“I will do what I say. I will say what i will do”

– Don’t publish wrong comments about Rajini

There’s pages and pages of this , but as they say in Rome…or Paree….a good mob induced riot is its own reward.


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4 Responses to The importance of being Grady Hendrix (or :writing for the desi mob)

  1. GoJoe says:

    “It is no enigma – He is James Bond, Jason Bourne, Capt. Kirk, Mikael Blomkvist, Robin Hood, Tupac Shakur, Hugh Grant, Jack Black and Mother Teresa put together….I know, right? He is simply awesome!!!” 🙂

  2. rameshram says:

    someone compared rajnikant to zaphod beeblebox but two sounds more like the number of hairs on rajini’s head….

  3. Karigai says:

    The subheads are so funny…still rolling (on floor laughing ass off)!!

    And here’s Mao poo-pooing the (over)reacting Mob, collectively calling it Paayum (Paper) Puli (“all reactionaries are paper tigers”, no?). 😀

  4. Global Travel says:

    brainless buffalo mates with a female pig in a sewage disposal tank. Yes you guessed it correct, the output will be this “Grady Hendrix”. — Couldnt stop laughing after reading such a comment.Man,this guy has a lot of imagination out there.

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