da ali quaida show( Tere Bin Laden, Ali zafar 2010)

For about twenty seconds you get the feeling that we have an an 20 year old  aamir khan when you see Ali Zafar . It quickly passes. but Abhishek sharma’s big hearted effort featuring the pakistani rock star Ali zafar(seen here in the ghazal-ballad yar diddi) is a pakistani b movie-teledrama more remarkable for the spitting image of America’s bete noir , the Saudi arabian billionaire turned fugitive osama bin laden (pradyumn singh potraying a punjabi chicken farmer who helps a TV crew make fake tapes because he looks exactly like Mr bin Laden) .

Once the gee whiz about him has worn off, the film feels like a college play-saturday nightlive skit- telugu political film made by rank amateurs , on the strength of a killer high concept script alone.

Even if the follow through is lacking , Tere Bin Laden is a crassly lowbrow entertaining watch . The geo politics is fun. (their friendly CIA asset gets his just desserts for bringing in 100 billion dollars aid to pakistan atop cruise missiles too) .One can’t shake off the feeling that the film is in the tradition of )or at least a tribute to) the 1990 jan muhammed classic international gorillay .

The gay vibe between “osama” and George Bush is unmistakable (habibi George bush).


The film also neatly explains all those inexplicables about the sole superpower, for instance, why would someone go halfway across the world and bomb a bunch of chicken farmers and goat herders with cruise missiles from UAWs. wouldn’t it be cheaper to BUY the chicken  instead?

Watch Tere Bin laden if you have the stomach for the genre. Its a terrible subversive film (like eating butter “chicken” at a roadside dhaba is subversive to your stomach) if you are tight assed about the “war on terror”.

Oh and Osama Gets the girl, which should make the religious fundamentalists including those at  Rupert Murdoch’s Fox news very very angry.

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2 Responses to da ali quaida show( Tere Bin Laden, Ali zafar 2010)

  1. JihadPunk77 says:

    i definitely want to see this. looks hilarious and cheesy as hell!

  2. Lalit says:

    It was really funny to watch a low budget movie with a short but exciting storyline.All the actors have done a very good job.

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