Fox news Takedown: top bullshitters on the “fair” and unbalanced cable outlet.

Fox news takedown : top bullshitters

1. Glen Beck: He’s certainly bullshit central. Halfway between performance art and conspiracy theorist , beck does the equivalent of naked body painting shock jocking to people that might be flirting with the idea of voting democrat, or even thinking anything other than conservative.

he colors by numbers from the conservative(neo-conservative) playbook of “small government” anti internationalization pro isreal militarist, borderline insane worship of “capitalism”(whatever that may be) . He also shows a thinly veiled contemptible hate for everything Obama (including his young daughter’s soundbites) and equates him to some obscure historical figures such as woodrow wilson- the American president who was responsible for the Federal reserve act  and Income tax and the entry of the US into the First world war, as well as the person that ushered in Jim crowe laws )

His audience “gets” that when he talks about “woodrow wilson” he’s really talking about Obama. His Blackboard is almost certainly a parody of the “professorial” image Barack Obama has among many white union and poor (all three) voters in swing states such as PA and OH.

2 Neil Cavuto: If Neil had any imagination, he’d be glen beck…or at least Jim cramer(whom he thinks he is in competition with). His style is to bring in unsuspecting Business and labor guests and them baiting them with neocon talking points with a sniggering “right?” , and then never letting them counter , by snarling them down or shouting them down, catching them off guard, and then cutting away to his smug “I was right all along ” editorialization makes him the radio talk show equivalent of business television. Most of his “analysis” is bullshit sometimes transparently roger ailes talking points. Who says kissing up gets you nowhere?

3.  Stuart varney: is a business/ politics contributor on many many fox news shows. He is the illustration of the principle that people will accept any crap if spoken with a british accent. His polemics are brazenly false, usually, for example when he says that the “debt went up astronomically under the Obama Admin and theres no comparisons to the more reasonable growth in previous administrations , and (looking sinisterly to the camera)” the people are very worried” (the National debt went up from  to 10.02 (100% ) under the bush admin, 10.02 to 13.0 so far under Obama, 4.0 to 5.65 under clinton and 1 to 4 trillion under Reagan and Bush sr). Each time he comes on air is excuse for hilarity and the power of bullshit spoken with a british accent.

4. Dick Morris and Carl Rove: Apart from being nakedly partisan, these two are also petty beyond belief. Dick morris who was acting like a dog to K street  hookers, has a deep-seated hatred for Hillary Clinton and in the guise of political analysis he doles out misleading and downright malicious advice  to the democrats and particularly hillary clinton. Carl Rove is more in denial.  he lives in a never never land when “morning in America” was really when he was in the political office of Bush junior and apart from a short potfilled burst of insanity from the entire US electorate, the “people” are still voting bush chaney.

5. Tea Party coverage: one has visions of Roger ailes morning meetings where he tells all his smear merchants (Fox and friends, Meygn kelly, all the rest) Push the tea party boys, use every dirty trick in the books . The vision that the channel seems to want to paint about the Tea party- 1. that its popular(its not) 2. its  grassroots(it’s not) 3. it’s principled(racist anti Obama more likely) and Its going to help the republicans win the next election (more likely it will detract from more centerist republicans and help the party lose a senate seat or two this last one delights democrats no end)

6. The Arizona anti latino initiative (also called immigration bill) : The channel has orders to pretend that the bill is “popular” on the strength of such push polling as “if the immigration bill asks for someone’s immigration status just as the federal law requires , only less stringently, are you for it or against it?” and then posts statistics like “78 % of people favor asking people for their immigration status “just like the Arizona bill does” (the last is the anchor editorializing). There are occasions when they have brought a guest on(fox and friends or the O rielly factor) and when the guest points out actual problems for the embattled latinos in the bill, for example that the bill forces law enforcement to act on “citizen” complaints about suspected illegals or that the Arizona cops are notoriously racist and insular, the anchors quickly “cut to  talking head” and repeat tired old propaganda  (like “racial profiling is illegal ILLEGAL under the bill(it’s not. it prevents law enforcement from INITIATING investigations on the basis of race, it does not prevent racist”citizens” from initiating an investigation, which law enforcement than then merrily pursue )…or “The bill just enforces the laws already on the books” ( it gives executive power to Arizona’s cops on the basis of citizen complaints).

7. Megyn Kelly: Ok I tried not to talk about her as long as I could. She’s cute and she’s well kept but sorry guys shes a hating racist that bites off her phrases to emphasize her hatred for whatever progressive thing de jour. She often behaves like a mob lawyer ruthlessly going after anything that comes in the way of her(patently false or blatantly propagandist) narrative . She has a long two hour show (which she has because she’sa genuinely talented legal mind…seriously) and knows how to take a more reasonable debating position if the need arises (eg: if she wants to defeat Bill O rielly’s bull. Her take down of O Rielly’s characterization of Justice Ginsberg as a liberal, for example was neat) . Like I told her on an email once, the offer for drinks after work at her “entertainment weekly” set is always open to her. She need not even drop her racist hate on her show.

8. Billo, brit hume and Sean Hannity : hasbeens.

Editorial comment from me: It is not wrong to advocate a conservative agenda in your news coverage. You just do not have  the right to pretend you’re the “middle” or , if you are racist (“fair“ and unbalanced) that anybody pointing it out is , in your place twice so. It may work in Australia , Until the Chinese invade it and replace all white aussies with Chinese aussies, but this is America, you can be whatever you want to be…within reasonable limits.

Thanks for listening Roger.


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5 Responses to Fox news Takedown: top bullshitters on the “fair” and unbalanced cable outlet.

  1. Australian says:

    Australia is no less whe compared to this. Did you see they have released the list of SOL recently in June to restrict the occupations? So, can you comment on this?

    Jon Mayer

  2. rameshram says:

    fox news is an australian channel, not an american one.

    The australian problem is that the common man 9even the decent one) is conspiratorially racist in an irredeemable way. when you have a population full of vampires, your government is going to feed them human blood, no? can you blame them?

  3. Burr Deming says:

    Hey. What have you got against Fair and UNbalanced?

  4. rameshram says:

    no megyn kelly on it.

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