Vedam : Color me Arjun(Jagarlamudi 2010)

Vedam, Anu anuvuna Naadam

Allu Arjun films are fast becoming a genre all unto blaxploitation films or art films, only more hormonal. until today I hadn’t seen one.

And Im guilty of the worst forms of steriotyping (I had given him as much credit as Salman Khan plus Sunny Paaji in a telegu jasmine filled chorus line. Which is why vedam comes as a pleasent surprise. As someone who is used to watching south indian social melodramas that put stars in the immediacy of their proximate social situations, and they need to work hard to win Identification from the poor and rich young and old, Vedam is part of a tradition dating back to Nandanar and Achut Kanya.


But don’t tell his fangirls that  think the film is about allu arjun and a bunch of other unimportant stuff anything about that! They dont know a thing about the film I saw haha.

Because what I saw was a warm movie full of social conscience and sympathy for the society it’s aimed at. A film that wants to entertain as much as it is thoughtful and sympathetic to the people that have some commitment to making the world better for the dispossessed and the exploited.

Her Anushkaness

Ok I was going to use a catchall excuse “I saw it for Anushka Shetty  ” I did . Lovely thing. She topped my Most beautiful women 2009 list. SHe reminds me in her jene se quois of sulakshana (Thooral ninnu poccu, bhagyaraj) in her early films, she can say the crassest things and dress in the the most obvious ways and still make it look like she’s a cherub descended from heaven walking through our mere whorehouse (kotewali) world and brightening everything in our way..but she doesn’t have a serious role in the film. no one does. this is completely a director’s film.

Manchu Manoj: has all shahrukh’s moves and speaks telegu too!

It charts five different groups of people going about their daily lives in their particular version of daily hell in Hyderabad. Arjun and his friends are cable TV stealing slum dwellers, Arjun is conning his college classmate and katrina kaif  look alike with nothing mre than earnest eyed unshaven charm and a cell phone that rings “sweety  please pick up the phone”. Manoj Kumar Manchu does a decent “sharukh Khan in kuch kuch hota hai” complete with v neck tee shirts and headbands is an aspiring rock star. Manoj Bajpai is a muslim living in hyderabad who is arrested for trying to “leave the country while being muslim”, Anushka shetty is a popular prostitute courtesan who enjoys twisting men around her little finger until she gets sick of it and decides to run away to hyderabad. and Then there are the poor people I don’t recognize , whose bright little son is taken hostage by a money lender type because he wants his money back, and the mother decides to sell a kidney to raise the money. The film is about how their lives intersect , and more importantly about how their existential situations find a single focus in the desire to make the world a better place. Its fun light sad moving and cathartic melodrama all in one  two and a half hour brew  served in the arjun label.

Stylish star 😉

As regards the charm of the “stylish star (haha) ” himself, He has an approachable soft vulnerability that you’d see in kamalahasan in films like Apoorva raagangal , he is also very contemporary in a global way- an italian boytoy without the raw olive oil smell. a cuban lover without the necessity to work so hard. an Indian designer beard advertising model without the stack of coins up his ass. He’s like every penniless hero in the lower middle class hoods of hyderabad, for whom a motor bike is a passport to an imagined life of misspent youth far away from the unsexy house and the need to fetch water every morning from the street corner.

Jagalaramudi: the script writer is king.

The film , finally, is a scriptwriting triumph. I would never have though Id cry when a seven year old says his multiplication tables. and for a film full of fruity melodrama thats sum’pn.



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14 Responses to Vedam : Color me Arjun(Jagarlamudi 2010)

  1. MinaiMinai says:

    Until today you hadn’t seen an Allu Arjun film!! Shameful!! 😉 hehe You’ve described Bunny so eloquently. Usually with us fangirls it’s just “OMG he’s so hot!” But I like your description much better. 🙂 Anyway, nice review, this film looks fabulous; jealous that it is playing in your town!

    Agree that Anushka is beautiful. Who’s the Katrina Kaif lookalike? I saw her in one of the trailers but she’s not been promoted much.

  2. rameshram says:

    Re the katrina look alike(katrina kaif served up the south indian way hehe) She’s a femina miss india 2009 finalist called Deeksha seth. like most telugu heroines she is from the north. You can find some of her ample fairskinned-ness at

  3. sirensongs says:

    He’s like every penniless hero in the lower middle class hoods of hyderabad, for whom a motor bike is a passport to an imagined life of misspent youth far away from the unsexy house and the need to fetch water every morning from the street corner.

    This is good stuff!

  4. rameshram says:


    thanks caroline.

  5. Karigai says:

    This is Fantastick (just like that comfort-food slurpy in plastic tube I used to suck on during super-hot summer months when I was seven walking back home from school with servantmaid/friend/guardian muniamma). Loved it.

    After Shutter Island, so nice to see something come along that’s caused you to set aside the cynical hat again — only this time, to sit down and blush and gush about the awesomes that’s Her Anushkaness and Allu Arjun and rave about the writer IN ADDITION TO celebrating the director.

    I’ve not seen a Telugu movie in an eon (don’t think Arundhati dubbed in Tamil counts, though happy that gave me an intro to miss Awesomeness here, who also looked stunning and ‘thuru thuru’ in Vettaikaaran I thought), and look at what I’m missing! Had better hurry and catch up.

    p.s: “I would never have thought I’d cry when a seven year old says his multiplication tables” – ah who’d have thunk… hail scriptwriter indeed, for putting the “tear” in “tearjerker”. 😀

  6. rameshram says:

    haha you callin me a jerk karigai? Huh ‘ huh?

    just kidding hehe

    • Karigai says:

      Once I realized the asshole and the ascetic are co-existing in me also, thought I might just get away with any and every expression of ‘kinship’ – looks like I thought right, lol.

  7. Karigai says:

    My first post-90s Telugu movie turned out to be “Magadheera” — caught it last night… it BLEW ME AWAY!!

    The announcement at intermission: “10 minutes later, we’ll go back 400 years!” Wow.

    Speaking of the heady mix that’s “cgi, historical truth and myth” have you seen this movie? And you were right, no subtitles needed to decipher *that* smile. I had them on but hardly needed them… maybe pona jenmathla Telugu pesina nyaabagamo ennamo, lol. I could follow every damn word in the dialogue. Watching it again tonight…

    Everything you say about stylish star here, multiply by 10 for Ram Charan Teja (especially sincerity) — he’s entirely lovable.

  8. rameshram says:

    I promised myself that I would see magadheera sometime in life. haha

    but the smile is something that i would want to see again…

  9. filmizest says:

    Yep, this is the review and I will have you know I have great taste. haha.

    I really liked the film and Allu Arjun too. I can’t say I see Kamal hasan in him but I really like that whole paragraph you’ve written on him and characterization. Have you seen Krish’s debut direction Gamyam?

  10. rameshram says:

    No and Im going easy on my expectations for gamyam because I liked vedam so much. as regards kamalahasan, some films from his early black and white career (tamil malayalam and telugu , where he featured a step cut and wore flaired jeans and looked less like a bulked up goonda…were like how arjun came across in this film.)

    here examples:

    ullasa paravaigal :

    sigappu rojakkal

    vyanadan thamban

    (he makes an appearance at 1:08

    varumayin niram sigappu

    ilamai – ennadi meenakshi

    now , something about kamal, specially in the last clip, reminds me of allu arjun in this trailer for vedam

  11. filmizest says:

    I see what you mean, especially with the Kokila and Vayanadan Thamban clips. Not so much in the rest, probably I have seen way too many of his films so difficult for me to make that connection. In Vedam he has deviated somewhat from his usual acting style.

    I am just happy watching all the clips, connection or not. Thanks. I really don’t rewatch enough of his very early movies. I haven’t seen Vayanadan Thamban at all.

  12. rameshram says:

    if you follow the related links, the film in its entirety is on youtube.

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