Migrant manifesto.

Too much time and effort have been spent shoring up impossible sons of the soil. people have held on to beliefs as varied as the second coming of christ in utah and buddha’s tooth in kandy in justification of violent war against migrants.

To be fair Migrants include the Anglo saxon type that has not only colonized and exploited the world but also pretended, after much genocide to be sons of the soil and subject to the same protection as the natives they killed, reeducated or converted to their form of sadomascochism, whatever the flavor be.

Migrants include the Han Chinese that move to colonize manchuria after routing the less neumerous Japanese occupiers , and then ate up tibet, xikiyang and outer mongolia in their walled in , repressed greed for more space.

Migrants include Turkish and Mongol soldiers of the Sick man of europe and of Czengiz(the unlikely mahayana buddhist) and Atilla(the unlikely hero of the east, the father of three quarters of central asia.) Migrants include cortez’s conquistadores that spread disease pestilence and guns among the Inca and left empty stone palaces for the jungle to reclaim.

And Migrants include the Arabs that for ten or more centuries after the three kingdoms of egypt, and after the middle ages brought islam to its civilizational zenith in istanbul, behaved like Australians now do..or the Afrikaaners did in south africa , in all their land and sea wanderings in south, central and south east Asia. Their bastards still terrorize Malaysia Brunei indonesia and the Phillipines.

But this is not a manifesto for the empowered migrant- the renisccence man with a gun converting natives to venereal disease and King James in the name of the Queen. This is a bill of rights for the boat person.

On behalf of the righteous rage sufferred by kannagi in silappathikaram we the dispossessed claim your land your heritage your culture and the right to replace you as your own voice. We will not be cowed by your threats and your damn English language. we will jump over borders, take funding from your enemies and hide until your patrols have passed.We will wear burquas, terrorize your cartoonists, convert white women to islam and run away to Pakistan and search for the al quaida to join.We will fake your documents and bear children that look like us that speak your tongue and confuse you…and when we are done there are a billion more of us that speak our tongue and surround you, and they are on OUR side, not yours, even if you did send Lord Mc caulay pretending to be a liberal spreading light and wisdom into some of our worlds.

This is because we are truly free of the chains Land ,House and Debt bind you with. we are not defined by our living spaces, if we were we would be like the sky..like the naked Tropical natives connected to earth and fish and rain.Come bitch declare war on me. Send your overdressed overeducatesd rhetorical infantry to fight the unarmed me . Define me for me to defy that definition without meaning to.Your true defeat comes from my never knowing you exist.

We Know you. You are a Badger culture. you need to build Walls and Homes  and Passages and Vehicles. Like the cockoo that nests with a crow, we know how to lighten your load with our song. When one of us nests in your home , another egg is laid. we will win this because you are entrophy. wealth …shiva…by nature is entrophy.Shakti can destroy shiva even if Shiva thinks its his third eye that is open.

So go build your conspiracy of logic around deamonizing our very prescence in YOUR  land…YOUR seas…YOUR shores across YOUR borders built of YOUR eugenic conspiracies,YOUR christian compassion and the Manifest destiny of YOUR slave ships.

We know youre only groping in the dark for the light of freedom we already own, and can give to you if only you could see.

We know that freedom , for you, is letting go of YOUR chains…and a dollar theater…and some popcorn.


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Name : Ramesh Ram... Email Address : Cdrakenc@gmail.com (don't even ask) Blog: (never updated) http://ramesh.journalspace.com Height/ Weight: 6'1 175 (varies between 160 and 185) Color of hair/ eyes black/ brown Bald? Nope (not yet, but give me 20 years.) Interests: Film (Bollywood/international indie), Travel (Germany/Japan/Central America/Sout/east/west Asia/ Northern Africa), Gizmo geek, Clubbing... What do I like in a good movie?: Women, Music, Auters, Special effects, Style. What do I like in a bad movie?: Women, Music, Auters, Special effects, Style. Favorite Critic: International: Bazin Domestic: J Hobermann Indian : me. (noone else comes close ...India or here..) Best quality: Humility. Outspokenness. Warmth Worst quality: Intolerence Favorite color : Yellow Black Blue Favorite Perfume : men: Grey Flannel(Geoffery Beene) Women: Celine dion: Obsession Boxers / briefs : Boxers Did I inhale: And how! Author: Marquiz, Rushdie, Murakami, Jong Last Book: The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton, Catherine A. Liszt Music : Patricia Kass, Alejandro Sanz,Nina Simone, Amir Diab Sports person: uh..me? What am I usually in : White briefs and tees. Chianti or Burgandy: Chianti Food: French Japanese(street/fast food). Saw and liked: No Country for old men, Lust Caution Saw and disliked: Nishabd Didnt see: Aaja Nach le. Call me: Write me first.
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