Rangan ilayaraja lovefest – youtube links

An Ilayaraja lovefest rages on baradwaj rangan’s site here.

Scroll down to the comments section there for more youtube links


About rameshram

Name : Ramesh Ram... Email Address : Cdrakenc@gmail.com (don't even ask) Blog: (never updated) http://ramesh.journalspace.com Height/ Weight: 6'1 175 (varies between 160 and 185) Color of hair/ eyes black/ brown Bald? Nope (not yet, but give me 20 years.) Interests: Film (Bollywood/international indie), Travel (Germany/Japan/Central America/Sout/east/west Asia/ Northern Africa), Gizmo geek, Clubbing... What do I like in a good movie?: Women, Music, Auters, Special effects, Style. What do I like in a bad movie?: Women, Music, Auters, Special effects, Style. Favorite Critic: International: Bazin Domestic: J Hobermann Indian : me. (noone else comes close ...India or here..) Best quality: Humility. Outspokenness. Warmth Worst quality: Intolerence Favorite color : Yellow Black Blue Favorite Perfume : men: Grey Flannel(Geoffery Beene) Women: Celine dion: Obsession Boxers / briefs : Boxers Did I inhale: And how! Author: Marquiz, Rushdie, Murakami, Jong Last Book: The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton, Catherine A. Liszt Music : Patricia Kass, Alejandro Sanz,Nina Simone, Amir Diab Sports person: uh..me? What am I usually in : White briefs and tees. Chianti or Burgandy: Chianti Food: French Japanese(street/fast food). Saw and liked: No Country for old men, Lust Caution Saw and disliked: Nishabd Didnt see: Aaja Nach le. Call me: Write me first.
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19 Responses to Rangan ilayaraja lovefest – youtube links

  1. bibarish says:

    thankyou ramesh

    your information is useful

  2. Sagar!ka says:

    Enna, “i” upside down-aa irukku nu paakarela? Pongo saar, neenga vera. Ava avaal ku thalai ezhuthey thalai keezha irukku.

    Aamaam, unga FB friend “crazy” bits-a mattum censor pannaama poduvaar, “clever” bits-a ellaam censor panni thalluvaaramey, appidiyaa? Enna koduma saar idhu?

    For instance, what is the common link between “Contact” and “The Crying Game”? Ans: “Jody” Foster.

    And why shouldn’t priti be notified of your propensity to “think outside the Bachs”? Because, when she calls you again, she will be veri an’Grrrr’y. Unma thaaney saar. Unma sollaravanga ellam mental-aa?

    Anyway, what I wanted to really say to you was that I loved your Philly road trip pics (that you shared at MNIK). The opening slide, the Toronto downtown, was awesome (the green light bookended by “FutureShop” and “Police” posters).

    The smokestack one reminded me of the Tull track “Heavy Water”.

    The stick-figure tree (idha thaan Raavan-la photoshop panni poturkaangala?), the moat/boardwalk, that little girl in green sweater (close-up, beside the Pepsi cup), that 7-eleven style shop with this liquor sign: SNUS sold cold. Smokefree Spitfire. Camel logo…, Route 29 (arrow points to) Amma Exit 25, bales of hay, naked headless mannequins, the empty liquor bottles…

    “Support local wildlife. Shoot buffalo on sight” signs, clouds opening…sunlight pouring out…like a celestialization of the Niagara Falls, 5 windmills against the setting sun, twin church steeples, Roppougi “East meets West” boutique store, healthful-looking lentil-curry-soup-in-a-bowl (so rich! yum)…

    Cowboy in the King-of-Cage get-up (painted across the body of a Ford F-150…hotrod-style), running Indian (sledgehammer in hand?), “No Smokin” sign, such pretty pretty purple pebbles (green yellow and magenta too)…

    Still-life photography or poetry? (In my opinion (too), “found” light (natural and artificial) is more than half the story.) Well done, says the gnanasoonyam who knows Zippo. Zilch. Nada. about light (or sound, for that matter)!

  3. rameshram says:

    thanks karigai! made my day.( think outside the bachsa more explicition needed. i have done so much paavam in my life that entha anglela yosichalum idikkauthu. whato you know and how do you know it?)

    • Sagar!ka says:

      You’re welcome, Mr.Trouba’dour’-to-bleeding-charging-bull.

      Oh you have done the paavams-aa? Paravaa illa. Inimey lendhu only karigai saapidungo, vellai/sigappu mami-some ellaam vendam, okay vaa?

      How do I know It ellaam theriyaadhu — all I know is “sorndha podhu, sertha shruthi, sorga logam, kaattuthingey, ulagamey aadum thannaley..” That’s all. Everything else, Paattu Thalai’Van’ kitta poi kelun’Gogh’.

  4. rameshram says:

    tho da! enna sollthu paren!

    karikai, the idea is not to get redemption . it is to pavam repeatedly without nary a second thought..or rather with many a nari without second thought…

    karikai mattum sapta vembi vaadi poyiduvene ma,, paavam illaya naan?

    • SagarIka says:

      Aiyoo, adhu Ingli’piss’ illa, Inglipish… “with nary a second thought”. Nadathungo saar neenga…’without’ liye poikinnu irongo; ticket vaangarthukku thaan naanga irukkomey… Leave the second thoughts to the Second comings, I say.

      p.s: Bombay la ‘Nari’man point la veedaa?

      • rameshram says:

        bombay poora naari-ndu irukke, eppadi veedu vechukka mudiyum?

        any town that has shah rukh khan and ambani big is not for me. drive pannave bhayamma irukkum.

        im never without. always with.

  5. Sagar!ka says:

    “im never without. always with.” Didn’t doubt that for a second Mr. Piranha Club president saaru, but bus-stop sign-a konjam paaru!

    Unga per la thaan irukkey motha varalaarey: Look at the “she” sandwiched between the “Ram”s. Or, anagramatically speaking, you’ve always got both “arm”s around the woman-aa? “She” is very lucky oye!

    Very puzzling, this thing they call Woman…


    Woman = Double you, O Man.

    Meaning, she is man’s body double-aa? Like, say, the stunt double who emerges from the water when *he* jumps off the cliff (as seen in the Raavan clip)? Like the Seetha who willingly goes to jail in his stead (in “Raman thediya Seethai” by P. Neelakantan), while (the framed) SJ Raman sleuths the real slayer?

    Ellaam orey double double-aa theriyardhu, thala suththardhu saar.

    “Poi rest edu ma; all it means is that to man, a woman is simply a bit Two much to lay off of” nu simple-aa sollarinagala?

    Tho da! Enna sollthu paren. Virginia resident-aa irundhundu pannardhu ellam jala bula jings (as Goundamani says in Gentleman).

  6. rameshram says:

    dear olaral

    intha speculationa currencyla vecciruntha oru billionavadhu panniirukkalam.

    • Sagar!ka says:

      ***Runs off and quickly hides behind a nearby rock. Then peeks cautiously and asks**…

      saar… thittaringala, kuttaringala, praise pannaringala? konjam puriyum padi sollungo. stagulu sollaliyaa, naan chatha slow nu?

  7. rameshram says:

    how about none of the yabow? Merely comment adikkaren…

  8. Sagar!ka says:

    Auto man saar, purinjudthu! purinjudthu! neenga #9 la enna sollaringo nu. Modhal la mnik…mnik…mnik nu-thu, apparom palich-nu yerinjudhu, I mean, therinjuthu.

    Black rubai ya collect panni thallirkalaamey nu sollarel, illa? Aana appo police ellaam thurathi pidichu, pirichu kambi enna veppangaley, and not only that, “vaazhga paadhi valam udan” nu nakkala vera pesuvanga. Salt on wound ellaam edhukku?

    Adhaan. Uttuten. Subverterrean sarakku ellaam main stream la selladhu nu. Unless of course I’m content with (continuing to) note note-aa madichufying and kaththi kappal uttufying.

    Ah, “content”… ‘Con’ ‘tent’? A tent of cons?… suthi suthi Circus (Crucis? oh sweet jesus!) la thaan vandhu idikkudhu, saarey. I must be sub’con’sciously obssessing about Aboorva Sagodharar gal!

  9. rameshram says:

    oh no no palich or mnik..haha and definitely nothing personal intended by #9

  10. Sagar!ka says:

    “intended” – I would wipe this verb right off the dictionary if I could, lol. Ippo ellaam evan saar kavala padaraan about what an author “intended”? Ishtathukku extrapolate pannindu poi kiney irukka vendiyadhuthan.

    Ungalukku theriyaadhadha…stagulu ariyaadhadha.

  11. 'ga' Ark, IAS says:

    Idhu thaan Vijayashanti oda adutha padam peru nu sollikkaranga.

    In other (administrative) news, here is the list of summer sleeper hits from the BANG gang (as opposed to..).

    Avar ku mattum thaan list panna theriyuma? Engalukkum theriyum, except we ‘feel’ very strongly about ‘numb’erring.

    Entha ‘avar’? Oru naal la 24 ‘avars’ irukkey nu ellaam aaramichingo na odiye poiduven.

    p.s: Aamaam, neenga enna ippo ellaam semma mellow vaa aayitingo? ‘Apala’gise laam pannindu… namba ve mudiyala saarey!!

  12. Karigai says:

    Thought this comment of yours (also) belongs under IR lovefest, right here: “while you children were whiling away your time in the eighties…papa was busy finding you the next coming soon classic”

    Madonna just called and she is verrry angry. Told me to tell you, Papa don’t preach

    p.s: Btw, masterstroke — that tangential tying of the “madhavi” mess to carb dependency. Paper la poda vendiya vishayam, lol!

  13. rameshram says:

    to parphrase a TM sounderrajan song,

    Madhavi pon mayilalhal booty viritthaL.



    ha! she’s a good one to talk.

    tell her i said ” en koode rendu pappa”

    • Karigai says:

      Ah that TMS song from “Iru Malargal” is nice! MSV rocks.

      Sure this wasn’t you trying to “engineer” a stagulu post on double entendre? Here you are, done crowning Vaali “King of Raunch” already before a bunch of somnambulists bring up Indran Chandran, Aboorva Sagodarargal etc, LOL.

      Speaking of sleepwalking and IR songs, everyone that’s listing what Raja sung with “quiet desperation mixed with self-assuredness” seems to be missing the all-important Mudhal Mariyaadhai number Nila va thaan, no?

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