Editorial : War on terror the Obama edition.

As I write this, President Barack Obama has put no foot wrong in reacting to this very strange episode of the chritmas suicide bomb attempt to blow up a plane bound to the US . In two statements from his holiday in Hawaii, Obama said, first that he would launch a thorough investigation and would fight the enemies of America “no matter where they are”  proving conclusively that an American president could walk and chew gum at the same time. The second statement put Inter governmental information sharing under a microscope by asking for explaination in two days of why, despite having information somewhere in the system, people let a passenger who paid in cash and boarded without a passport was allowed to get on an US bound flight without further investigation.

IOW the president is calling the “Terrorism” bluff. (quiet cheer).

Who is the christmas day bomber? The query raises more questions than it answers. The Son of a “Nigerian Banker” (and that is code for our tyrant’s people , in US Geopolitics speak) That studied in “elite foreign schools” , Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab looks like a model black foreign person in the anglosaxon world. If he only shopped at harrods and dubai and went to Harvard and went back to head Nigerian institutions (maybe became the nigerian finance minister) , he would be one of “ours” , and there are many who ARE…ours in that way. Umar’s mistake, it seems , is being one of theirs.

I am not sure I have ALL the facts in this case. The young man studies at top colleges in London, and at some point his parents stop paying his fees to it and he tries to go Back to London , putting this institution’s name (or another’s) on his visa application, and is denied a visa because he is not registered there(or the institution is fake…Im not sure which). He then hangs around nigeria and is at some point sent to Yemen by someone, and after he returns to nigeria, without a passport , he pays cash to buy a ticket to go to Detroit, and boards a flight to Detroit via Amsterdam. Noone stops him in Nigeria, and he is helped into the flight by a “indian looking” well dressed gentleman, who tells the ground crew that “it’s OK, he can get on the plane without a passport” . This is obviously someone with a lot of influence. and then, on strength of his being on the passenger manifest ALONE, he gets on the flight to the US , WITHOUT a passport. It sounds like, not only does “al Quaida” have the money and the technology to equip and finance this person, they also have the clout in American and International security to let their man get in without scrutiny, conveniently during the christmas holiday when the president is taking rest in hawaii.


This is more the case because the bomb plot didn’t succeed , mostly because the “sophisticated” Al quaida seems to have equipped a rank amatuer with a complex detonator -explosive interface which was very difficult to work. It is clear to me that “al quaida” intended for the “bomber” to be captured, and tried in domestic court. Or maybe it was someone OTHER than al quaida  that wanted people to stop the drift in the US toward greater civil liberty and the closing of guantanamo bay.

or maybe it is just a conveinient marriage of interest. this is not unheard of. the millitary establishments in Pakistan and India are known to collude to keep their budgets high. The Soviet and American millitaries enjoyed a slight client- superior relationship. The millitaries of China and the US are very well connected through the armamnet companies in the US and russia.

So is it so outrageous that there is a splinter element in terrorism that colludes with the US millitary intelligence establishment? (I am not saying this is so, only that speculating like this is not outside the bounds of rational reasoning). Often, we find Startling coincidences in theterrorism world coincide with US domestic politics.

Osama bin Laden’s timely intervension seems in retrospect to have lost John Kerry a close race in 2004.

Remember John Mc Cain’s timely trip to columbia , and the release of some prisoners there?

In this instance, Al quaida in yemen took “responsiblity” only after Obama ‘s first statement which seemed to think that the incident was an Isolated one and the young man was merely a misguided single who assembled a garage bomb with store bought explosives.

Clearly, someone in the world is trying to persuade this administration that 1. There is a war on terror 2. The administration should go back on a homeland security alert system 3. all the old enemies(of the immediate ugliness of post sep 11 toward innocent minorities in the US) and all the old tactics of “counter terrorism” should be reinstated with all the associated budgets.

In  other words, someone wants christmas back. They are not appealing to the Obama administration for the said reinstatement, they are appealing to the American electorate.

This terrorist incident is millitary funded.


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