Editorial: The Rape of Shiney Ahuja

Long ago, dearly beloved(would begin Rudyard Kipling’s Classic stories from the Jungle tales(of which mwogli gave America the Jungle book)- Stories of an apocryphal india from the jungles of madhya pradeh and the chambal valley, from an India not recognized by the schoolchild in humid Mumbai who sincerely believed that Kipling Imagined the stories from a foreign backyard of Britain far away behind the ships on the horizon past the gateway of India…

From this never never land comes a modern day tale of bad karma. Bad karma is what this story is, it stains everything it touches. Polarizing dirty stains. Shiney Ahuja has a shiner.  The film industry keeps a conspiratorial silence, as if talking about it or speaking on his behalf will collapse the dog seal pile perched precariously near the gateway of india and unravel misma that was contained only from the incestuous silence of the willing.

Shiney Ahuja slept with his virgin servant maid. There its off one’s chest. In my firm and considerd opinion the facts are unclear beyond this.On merely the girl’s testimony, a case for rape has been filed against him, and medical exams do not reveal force. the injuries to the girl’s vagina are consistent with a first timer having sex with a much  bigger man(consentually..if I were to count bloodstains after sex  after every encounter I know, then I have probably raped about three hundred times, but luckily for me my encounters ended happily and I do not live in india, for people to have second thoughts the morning after and accuse anyone of rape.) I m NOT going to play the game of besmirching the servant maid’s character or motive. Suffice it t say that shiney and the girl came from entirely different social strata.

Imagine if you will, a girl of about 20 in saudi arabia who dresses in a burqua and goes to a mall and there, with her friends, REMOVES her burqua and walks around in jeans. Now if this girl “hooked up”with a tourist from America..or a soldier, and found a place to actually have sex, and the first experience was unpleasant even if not non consentual , that never happens, right? …and she’s alone at home after, feeling pain in her vaginal area…so she decides to  ask her sister to find her a doctor because she feels pain….

Imagine the hell that would break loose after that incident.

India is not saudi arabia in many ways, but in others(including its rigid class structures and its concepts of familial honor), it is exactly like Saudi Arabia. What is worse, in matters of sex, it is perhaps worse than saudi arabia because its middle class have internalized the idea (probably because of vague unstated memories from the past of royal harems and victorian morality of Lord Mc Caulay, ) that “honorable’ means no premarital sex…and little non procretional sex. Ossified in its generational codes is a concept of respect that treats the possibility of older people having sex as risible.

Into this heaven of freedom awoke shiney ahuja who claimed sex was consenting, as if this servant maid could consent to sex. Forget for a moment that he was not picking up the cute counter girl at a mc donalds in louisville Kentucky.  He  was asking the maid in his own home(his zone of comfort, not hers) to bed him. Did he think he was obtaining consent because she kissed him back? whose consent, he certainly did not obtain society’s consent to look the other way(it happens ALL THE TIME in india…you just buy everyone off) , nor the consent of the girl’s family, who were hoping perhaps that she should marry and raise kids and become an beautiful mother providing for her children by thirty five… he did not ask the consent of the feminist in this act of free sex(Imagine! a lonely man and a single woman having uncommitted sex ! how anti feminist is that!)  and he didn’t ask the consent of every sanctimonious motherfucker and his sainted mother. those are really dangerous in India. they stone you for the frustrations they have carried all their lives- sexual or otherwise.

The law factor is the other thing to consider. This episode plays out like a telegu film made by a naxalite(they are hilarious films watch Bharat Bandh , for example). a law intended to stop tribal and homeless women from being raped in police stations is being used  against Ahuja. Here the prerequisites are simple. A woman 1.complains that she’s been raped. 2.Shows evidence of sexual intercourse(not forcible sexual intercourse, but the act ALONE 3. if the Accused does not disprove it, (by taking pictures of the contract being sealed, I presume) he is GUILTY. Thus, in India, in a rape accusation, the defendent is GULITY UNLESS HE PROVES OTHERVICE! Imagine applying that to murder.

No wonder there are so many wankers in India! With a combination of this law and the taboo on all things sexual (noo Ramesh it has changed now you know?! now boys and girls are actually going on dates…yeah yeah I know…) India has effectively outlawed sex outside of marriage beause the por guys are too frightened that the girl will have buyers remorse and cry rape. The only “boys” who seem to have out of marriage sex ae the ones that can actually get awy with rape , thus making the case for all interested parties in tis unseemly conspiracy.

So who are the conspirators whose interest not having unmarried non procreational  sex , serves? The conservative family Khandans, for sure, but there are others. This preventing sexual release is really a means of social control. It keeps society stratified and ossified, it lets men be as angry as heroes of sam fuller films and makes women bra burning uteres tearing angry militant feminists. It raises a generation of angry ambitious people who know they want change, not realizing that a big part of that change is sexual liberation. With its under 30 population rapidly increasing to 50% more men than women, India is creating its army out of sexual frustration.

All this from Shiney Ahuja “raping” his servant maid ? you ask… This is a symptom. You only need to look at one miscarried case of justice to diagnose this pox afflicting Indian society.

I don’t really care I live in Ojai in the US


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3 Responses to Editorial: The Rape of Shiney Ahuja

  1. rameshram says:

    just deleted a comment from reston VA from some one calling himself shahrukh khan. (shahrukhkhan@hotmail.com )

    whenever i suspect somene’s fronting fror an alias i neuter and delete comments ruthlessly.
    sorry abt that and appreciate the sentiments behind the post.

  2. We got to really appreciate the work done, very informative! keep it up.

  3. rameshram says:

    thanks. pl do tell me how i helped and who you guys are!

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