Editorial : Beware of the Dan Rather Trap

I’m Sounding a cautionary note here because often the money financing each election  has no memory.

I’m loathe to write political commentary on my Blog because My Journal is more important than that. But this is such an obvious cliff people are driving off of that there is need to comment. I hope this is a timely warning.

Dan Rather’s conceit that he was a serious investigative journalist was dented last election when he published papers that seemed to do damage to George W Bush’s credibility. Those papers, it turned out were transparent fakes , probably put there in a sting operation from the other side. This whole sordid mess served to enhance the credibility of a bad candidate (George W Bush) in an election when the two campaigns were running neck and neck. A point or two peeled off one and attached to the other meant defeat for John Kerry, who lost states like New Mexico and Ohio Which he might easily have won,because of this, and because people took George W Bush much more seriously after this.

The current  Republican Vice presidential Nominee, Sarah Palin is an untested choice, with Mayoral experience from a small town of 5000 people, before she was catapulted into being the Governor of Alaska for the last 18 months. From all appearances she’s well spoken and presentable, and has the resume of an aspiring republican high flyer ,with a pro life fiscal conservative, deeply religious set of values that would find instant Identification in poor rural and small town America among women that share any or all of these convictions. Her Problems and promises are BOTH source of this Identification. She brings a hunger for power to the republican ticket. Something that the Jaded GOP of the last eight years lacked going into their nominating convention.

Sarah Palin However, does not have a resume that might give her serious consideration for a managerial job in a fortune 500 company, let alone for being a stroke away from the red button. This is significant because John Mc Cain’s Campaign is putting her in a position of being the President of the United states, if something , god forbid, should happen to the 78 Year old cancer survivor. If reports are true that the vetting process was hasty and the total Interaction Mc Cain had with her was a couple of hours long, It feels uncomfortably like Mc Cain was shooting from the hip, and this bodes ill for a future presidency. It also brings back sickening memories of how hastily the war on Iraq was planned and conducted. Sarah Palin might be the woman for the job, but political campaigns run on the basis of love at first sight are irresponsible at best, and can be dangerous. Just look at how Dubya turned out.

All this legitimate concern will be lost if we give in to the temptation that we should think the worst of Sarah Palin. It is true that she has a large family and a teen daughter with problems similar to those faced in Rural America. Judging her for this feels like a judgment on ALL women with a similar profile. Isn’t Choice the central plank of the Democrat view of women? Sarah Palin Can CHOOSE life, above family values such as Sex after marriage. and we need not comment on her choice.

We Can CHOOSE not to make her Our Vice president , though we may sympathize with the lot she has been burdened with. That might be the mature thing to do.


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