Kindle fan post.

It’s by no means the perfect device, It could use more computing power and could do more …and be priced a hundered bucks less, but I’m an unashamed fan of the Amazon Kindle. ok…I’m drooling, OK? My cartoon words run into one another like a breaking cartoon train..

Moses: I feel like moses reading the ten commandments when I read stuff on my shiny new . The screen looks like it has just enough space to pack the ten c’s but it can carry enough Information on each page to fit a pulp paperback’s page. the slow constancylike that of a microfiche viewer eases us into a retro feel that i could get used to.

Content: The Kindle has a half gig capacity (a Published paper book is about half an MB (Brothers Karmatzov is 1.2 MB, War and Peace is 1 MB…and I’m never going to finish it here either,). Once I’ve run out of space after I’ve put my 500 books in it, I can use a 20 buck 8 GB card to put in another 4000. Space is not a problem. Im still at the stage where I’m walking around with the heady feeling that Im carrying more books than I’ve ever owned,maybe more books than the smithsonian, in a book the size of a Hotel room bible.

Ebooks: I have also discovered that, depending on the content youre searching for , they’re giving away ebooks on the web. Places to find classic literature and relatively well known books include :


There’s plenty more on the web, search by title.

What else’s she got? : The real cool thing about the Kindle , though (and you find yourself using this preamble a whole lot, when describing it to the muggles) is that is a very useful “non book” reader too.(The other cool thing is that, if you email your ebooks from your Gmail account, you can create an “ebooks” label in your sent mail and you’d have a back up of all your ebooks in your gmail)

  • If you’re the type that pays for online magazine subscription, most US and bigger world periodicals (newspapers, Magazines) get delivered to your kindle as e versions (they’re all non multimedia and in Black and white, though…Some people Like that).
  • Your own content- they can be articles web pages word documents PDF files Homework, required reading software manuals all gets converted (you email your own account with kindle and an scheduled job sweeps it and converts it into Kindle content, which is a formatted rich text file)
  • Your stuff….well not your online content(which needs a reader) but almost all your other stuff.
  • Music (works like an Ipod Shuffle) and Ebooks, which you can…

Download off the web!!!there’s no data plan. your little book thingy is also a basic web browser, and it doesn’t cost you anything!!! Youare always connected…and there are bars, trust me!

On the web you can

  1. View html pages
  2. do your wikipedia searches
  3. download content , (but only from, but who cares, you can still use it as a USB device and download from your computer).
  4. not do anything that needs a security certificate.

The little beauty formats every plain ol courier document into classic times new roman text that makes the Yo mama jokes look like Aristophanes was abstracting from the Thesmophoriazusae. Just before i sleep, I can shot it with a tight snap of its leather carrying case too. I wonder, if it’s successful , they’ll come out with a paperback edition…

But my baby calls….see y’all…in a week or so….


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2 Responses to Kindle fan post.

  1. sirensongs says:

    Sounds really cool. I understand that one can publish to Kindle and charge for downloads (the India Diaries on Kindle, f’rinstance).

  2. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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