Bush Invited to Join the Axis of evil

Tehran, June 26 2008. Why not! Said Mehmood Ahmedinijaad , The supreme person in competition for Iran’s leading ayatollah post. Theyre already chums with Gaddafi, Kim jong Il , the Chinese Communists and Vladimir Putin’s soul, plus Queen Elizabeth, whose family invented the axis of evil way back when, speaks highly of Bush. Hell No one NOT in the Axis likes Bush anyway, He might as well move to a pacific island with all his nukes and become an axis member!

Reached for comment, Bush said Isreal has cooler jets, plus daddy has to ask the Saudis permission before he joins any more clubs, but there was tentative interest expressed by the Chaneys. ” you realize we must bomb the crap out of you first, don’t you?” Mrs Lynne Chaney said, speaking on conditions of anonymity , on behalf of her husband who was away in a bunker in Colorado Springs(America’s Basement, according to Gretchen Wilson, Fox News), testing some ammunition. “That’s what we did to Mary before we accepted her disease”.

The state department couldn’t be reached but Colin Powell was seen walking outside the Jefferson Memorial, nodding his head in disapproval, looking like a Hobo.

Barack Obama sez. Don’t bring any more Champagne to the celebration tonight. We’re overflowing with the stuff. Cheetos are welcome…specially looking for Corn Cheetos.


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