Tashan: Maa and the Mere guilt trip.

Mere paas Amsterdam hain

 Tashan: Maa and the Mere guilt trip.


(and all you guys who think this is a remake of good bad and ugly are only partly right. it’s a reworking of Sivaji, Good bad and ugly, the producers and once upon a time in mexico)


We are like that only.

We are not good people but Indians come to the use of other Indians …seems to be Tashan’s pitch. The movie is a memo to the world India (like the wild west) is a godless place where desperate people speak bad English.


I love it.

 The film is not so bad it’s good, it’s even better.

It’s like when your dad tried to talk to you in teenspeak when you were with your boyfriend and actually did a good job of it…and you wanted to kill yourself because …I mean he’s your DAD!!!!

 It’s a language YRF films are very unfamiliar with. The fact that theyre trying to speak it to the cow belt  using such westernized types as the prince Charlie(Saif Ali Khan’s name in the film) and Bollywood’s newest English underwear  model (Kareena Kapoor) and  not to mention the new Disney property (Akshay 3 movie deal kumar) is fun. Dil Dance mare.


But that doesn’t make Tashan the cow belt Sivaji. It makes it a 3 hour thesis  on how to reverse engineer a bollywood film. I predict every white person in the Audience (black people are white people for the purposes of this calculation) will LOVE Tashan and most audiences from India will be left askance at the fact that NOBODY speaks like they do…they expect the stars of films not to, but they don’t even speak like they’re SUPPOSED to.

 Dance maare desi

Tashan is a HUMUNG timepass, have no doubts. It’s boring and then fun and then boring and the action picks up…and there’s a plot…which smacks of a writer with a “laaga chunri mein daag” hangover  and the action sequences are awesomely Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Kareena kapoor’s tween avatar looks immensely do-able and Saif ali Khan looks like a charminar cigarattes model. The script is an educated man’s delight(is patronizingly so, but we are like that only) in its understanding of genre conventions.The love story brings the Chopra kid into his element. But you gotta have not written off the movie as “our people learning bad habits from their people” by then.


Rajinikanth’s Sivaji was an honest good faith effort in kischy genre filmmaking.When Rajinikanth goes to Valencia, Spain and shoots in front of the museum and sings in white face “One basket ‘s sunlight and one basket’s moonlight is the color of my white” , there’s recognition of an essential human expression of people’s- the species’ need to be stylish…and relevant in their reproductive preening. You recognize a mating ritual of a man trying to assert his own among the female of the species. Tashan often feels like the imitation of this original elemental dance. 

It could surprise everyone and be a big hit, but if I undertand Audiences correctly, they know the difference between a maa and a mere guilt trip.

 she may be a mean mother, but she ain't maa.

One often gets the feeling that this film isn’t Maa. And that’s the ugly in Tashan.


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