The Passion for cinema issue

I was originally attracted to the PFC website ( because I did a search for Vivek kumar’s name. Vivek is a sweetly earnest accountant from one of the big five consulting firms on my linked in contacts too, who posted on the Jaman web site, long and sweet articles about various things contemporary bollywood. He was trying to make a film that he said needed talent and I reached out to him with some suggestions, also then trying to get David (Chute) to open his address book to vivek to try and find him a Quinten Tarantino equivalent to direct his script (this it turned out was not to be, as many of these things are.)

Vivek subsequently is reportedly marching on with his picture and things are ok on his front, but I diagress.

The site , on first blush appeared to have everything going for it.

Many big names were writing on it: Santosh Sivan, Anurag Kashyap ,Sudhir Misra… So I said what’s not to send them articles for, and sent them my Khoya Khoya Chand review, already published on my blog then, which they published here . They also published a Jodha akbar review from me here.

 At some point in my writing for them and their publishing for me things seemed to have gone sour. They had a few regular authors (Subrat, RK) who didn’t take too well to my criticism of their columns. while Subrat just behaved like a petulant child(here), OK I was a bit over asking him to kowtow to gulzar like a chinese concubine, but still,  RK actually flamed me back with all the english he knew(all of it is here.)I shouldn’t have brought up teji bacchan’s ashes, but still, 🙂

During all this time, the atmosphere(RK excepted) was one of debate and discussion, which apparently didn’t suit the promotions nature of the website.(I should have been warned by the post about Kajol writing poetry (here) by RK, who else! that this was merely a bunch of starter outer journalists using the names of eminent people on their siteto get their writings published, but no, )I pushed on.

This resulted in what I now can see as the inevitable. The PFC crowd came up with an alter, calling himself hans blix, whose job it was , to terrrize me into going away from their site. After a flame war with hans blix My IP address was banned by the PFC crowd. I DID see it coming. I just refused to let this change the way I acted because I dont lose anything by not writing on PFC. they do, even if theyre too stupid to see it.

I’m sending this for publication to PFC because it appeals to my sense of irony.

It’s also on my blog, just in case they decide to suppress, at the behest of their adlabs paymasters.

Update: The infantile response from the teletubbies at PFC here .
I tried to post a reasoned response (as the black seagull) on the site at the topic above and they kept censoring me.

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