The Chute Years.

My posts on The Hungry Ghost Blog , hyperlinked…

Music  video wall 2007*

The Bollywood Ignore List 2007

Guilty Pleasures List 2007

Bollywood biggest Disappointments 2007

A throw of dice (1930, Silent) 

The World of Quick Gun Murugan

An Idiot proof guide to south indian Actresses*

Sony and the art of Bollywood filmmaking

Talat Mehmood and Hemant Kumar songs (this post earned me the title ” The most respected Bollywood critic in America” (R) )* ( blog entry here too.)

KL Sehgal & Dungan

Rajinikanth for the uninitiated*

Two Bollywoods 


Deepa Mehta’s water

They needed putting in one place. David seems to have taken out the “ramesh” category after i stopped writing there.

*- Many of these links may be outdated(sply in the talat mehmood /hemant kumar songs section) I’m unable to go and change them. The exact same songs can still be found if you want , on youtube, at other links by searching.


About rameshram

Name : Ramesh Ram... Email Address : (don't even ask) Blog: (never updated) Height/ Weight: 6'1 175 (varies between 160 and 185) Color of hair/ eyes black/ brown Bald? Nope (not yet, but give me 20 years.) Interests: Film (Bollywood/international indie), Travel (Germany/Japan/Central America/Sout/east/west Asia/ Northern Africa), Gizmo geek, Clubbing... What do I like in a good movie?: Women, Music, Auters, Special effects, Style. What do I like in a bad movie?: Women, Music, Auters, Special effects, Style. Favorite Critic: International: Bazin Domestic: J Hobermann Indian : me. (noone else comes close ...India or here..) Best quality: Humility. Outspokenness. Warmth Worst quality: Intolerence Favorite color : Yellow Black Blue Favorite Perfume : men: Grey Flannel(Geoffery Beene) Women: Celine dion: Obsession Boxers / briefs : Boxers Did I inhale: And how! Author: Marquiz, Rushdie, Murakami, Jong Last Book: The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton, Catherine A. Liszt Music : Patricia Kass, Alejandro Sanz,Nina Simone, Amir Diab Sports person: What am I usually in : White briefs and tees. Chianti or Burgandy: Chianti Food: French Japanese(street/fast food). Saw and liked: No Country for old men, Lust Caution Saw and disliked: Nishabd Didnt see: Aaja Nach le. Call me: Write me first.
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