Bombay to Bangkok

Bombay to Bangkok

kiss like you mean it.

Kiss like you mean it.

Unstylish Kuknoor film which has a regular real life Indian everyman sketch from Shreyas Talpade. That’s about the only  thing real about the film ,as it meanders through amateur home video execution and cheesier than bollywood character sketches.

The finesse you have come to expect in Nagesh Kuknoor films(Dor, 3 Deewarein) is lacking. The beautiful Lena Christiansen acts badly and kisses like she’s in a booth. Shreyas Talpade has the spaced out look of a small town engineering college student .

The plot is pretty thinly stretched across the  running time and  probably sounds better narrated.. Poor cook runs away to Bangkok from rapper-gangster villain whose scared of dad. Meets a masseuse-“make happy “girl   and falls in love. There’s a lady doctor that marries the Gangsta. Everyone lives happily ever after.

The minimalism in Kuknoor narration, this time feels like slacker ethics of someone on  Bangkok vacation. Images of village Thailand look suspiciously like Kerala (it is Thailand) in its framing. Acting is hammy(as opposed to amateur), direction is like a drunk person telling a joke and the camera work is jerky.

With few redeeming features the film is still worth a watch for the script which could have gone places with a competent director..

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